February 11

5 Tips for Dealing With Employee Burnout

How can your business stop employee burnout from holding it back? We look at the best ways to deal with employee burnout before it’s too late.
Things to Consider When Selecting a Time Clock System

December 13

Things to Consider When Selecting a Time Clock System

It wasn't that long ago when most time clocks were physical contraptions that actually punched thick card stock, thereby indicating whether a worker was present for the day. But while some businesses can get away with such a time clock system today, most organizations need -- and would benefit from -- something a little more advanced
5 Effective Ways to Track Employee Hours

November 12

5 Effective Ways to Track Employee Hours

Your employees form the base of your business. They’re crucial to everything you do, so it’s important to make sure you understand how their time is being used, and ensure they get paid accurately. How can you effectively track employee hours and attendance though and what benefits do the best time clock software offer? Let’s take a look!
How to Choose the Best Time Clock System for Your Business

October 12

How to Choose the Best Time Clock System for Your Business

Keeping track of your employee’s time on the clock is an essential component of running your organization. That’s why you need an efficient time clock system.
How to Use a Time and Attendance System to Grow Your Business

September 29

How to Use a Time and Attendance System to Grow Your Business

A guide to growing your business by choosing the right employee time and attendance software, technology and system to better manage your workforce
Benefits of Combining Time Clocks and Online Software

September 2

Get More Benefits When You Pair A Time Clock With Online Employee Time & Attendance Software

Discover how combining a physical time clock with online software makes employee time and attendance management easier.
Employee Location Tracking on Mobile App with GPS | Lathem

August 9

Employer GPS Tracking: Is it Legal?

Using GPS to track employee's location has raised questions as to whether it's legal. So what rules do employers need to follow? Learn more!
Timeclock software for small businesses

July 26

Benefits of Time Clock Software for Small Businesses

If you’re looking for time clock software for a small business, Lathem has you covered!
Manage remote workers with a time clock

July 19

How to Manage Remote Workers and Their Time Clocks

Managing a remote worker's time clock and workers can be a challenge. Lathem has some important information to help you.
Switching to time clock software

July 12

The Complete Guide to Switching to Time Clock Software

Investing in an employee time clock software system is no longer an option if you want to optimize your business operations. Here’s how to make the switch from manual to digital.
Save money with time clock software

July 7

How Time Clock Software Saves You Money

Digitize your payroll and eliminate clerical errors with Lathem’s time clock software.
Reduce buddy punching with a time clock system

June 30

How an Online Employee Time Clock System Reduces Buddy Punching

Buddy punching could be costing you thousands of dollars per year per employee in lost productivity. Using an employee time clock can help you prevent it.