Timeclock software for small businesses

Benefits of Time Clock Software for Small Businesses

July 26, 2021

Small business owners often need a way to manage the days and hours that employees are working. Most times, that comes in the form of some kind of paper time sheets or a manual punch-time card type clocks. If everyone works in one location or even if you have employees that work at different locations or remote, you need a better way to manage your employees than old and outdated timekeeping methods.

Cloud-based time clock software with automated time clocks for your small business can help you better manage your employees and the times that they spend working. Unlike punch card time clocks that are limited by inefficiencies, time clock software allows you to automate a lot of what you do with the efficiencies of a system that makes everything easier.


Increase Your Timekeeping Accuracy

Compared to manual methods of timekeeping, time clock software for small businesses allows you to get complete control over your timekeeping. Rather than the guesswork of writing in hours or making manually making calculations from paper timecards, a software-based time clock and attendance system allows you to accurately document all the hours worked.

When the pay period ends and you need to generate a report for payroll, that manual timekeeping method can be more of a burden than an asset. Aside from data that may not be entirely accurate, a manual time clock or time sheet system can make for a complicated process when it comes time to run payroll. Instead of the minutes that it would take with time clock software for your small business' payroll, you could end up spending hours or days getting that data into your payroll system, increasing the burden on you and your staff while everyone waits to get paid.

Optimize Your Employee Relationships

With time clock software for your small business, you'll also gain the ability to optimize your entire timekeeping processes, providing more accurate data that avoids the pitfalls of manual entry. Your employees will also appreciate having on-demand access to the days and hours that they worked, along with additional information that governs their employment, which can provide a better understanding of their role and what's expected of them. 

Better Manage Your Contractors and Flex Workers

For those that work remotely or that may spend much of their time elsewhere during the workday, time clock software for small businesses allows you to better manage the people that do their best work off-site. It's also a great way to reward your best employees -- give them one day a week to work remotely and miss none of the tracking and management that you get in the office.

Easy Scheduling and Shift Management

When it comes to scheduling and managing the shifts of your employees, time clock software provides an easy way to assign out hours, permit overtime and share important information with your staff, no matter where everyone happens to be. And once you're ready to run payroll, you can export it all via easy integrations with common payroll systems such as QuickBooks, ADP, Intuit, Paychex, and more. 

To learn more about the best time clock software available for small businesses today, schedule a software demo or get a quote.

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