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Many businesses have employees that work onsite, work from home, travel frequently, or work in rotational shifts or from multiple sites. The traditional timekeeping and punching systems are not equipped to manage a diverse workforce. However our PayClock app can do it all. Our time clock app allows your employees to clock in at ease from anywhere, anytime while validating the authenticity of their punch. It includes a mobile time clock and time card app for Apple iOS smartphones, Apple iPad, and Android devices with complete functionality for both employees and supervisors.

No matter when or where your employees work from, they can log in and clock their hours with ease. They can also view their complete punch info and time totals with the online punch clock and time card app functionality of the PayClock employee time clock app. Supervisors and administrators can manage employee time cards, view lists of employees current in / out status, see their employees' benefit time and approve or deny time off requests, and much more with a simple click!

Let PayClock Online employee time clocks and mobile apps assist you with timekeeping, employee attendance, and preparing your payroll for processing so you can focus on what matters most - your business.

Mobility for Supervisors with time tracking apps

Using the PayClock Online free mobile timecard app, supervisors can now view their employee time cards, make edits, send messages, and view totals all on a smartphone, iPad or tablet. PayClock Online's remote employee time card app provides supervisors and administrators the power to access these functions at their convenience. This means your workforce time and attendance can be managed in real time from anywhere. So employee work hour data is always up to date, making payroll processing easier and faster.

Supervisor Mobile Functions

  • View Employees In/Out Statuses
  • View Employees' Benefit Time
  • Approve / Deny Time Off Requests
  • Auto Email Employee Time Off Request Status
  • View Punch Times of Employees
  • Add or Delete Punches for Employees
  • Add or Delete Time Off for Employees
  • Manage Non-Work Time on Timecard
  • GPS Location Tracking of Transactions

Mobility for Employees

Your employees that work in the field can use the employee time clock app to track their time automatically by clocking in and out remotely with their smart phones. The reliability of our on the clock app helps ensure that they don’t spend precious hours in failed clocking attempts, reporting of technical issues, or manual recording of their hours.

Besides, the employees at your facility can still use a Lathem automated time clock to record punches. Moreover all your employees can view their personal time card and benefit time information within the mobile time card app on a mobile device. So, no matter where they are, at home or work, they can review basic information like benefit time and plan and make a request for time off. The enhanced functionality of our mobile time clock app offers ease, convenience, and efficiency to all involved parties – employees, managers, and companies.

Employee Mobile Functions

  • Mobile Clock-in / Clock-out app
  • Mobile Time Cards
  • View Benefit Time Balance
  • Request Time Off
  • Auto Email Time Off Requests
  • Receive Email of Request Status
  • View Punches by Day
  • View Current/Past Pay Period Data
  • View Pay Period Totals by Pay Code
  • Transfer Departments Option
  • Option to Add or Delete Punches
  • GPS Location Tracking

Time Clock App GPS Tracking Feature

If you choose to set up employees to record their time using web-enabled devices like smartphones, you can now verify that remote-based workers are where they should be when they record their work hours. PayClock Online’s employee clock in app settings can be configured so that employees will only record punches if their smartphones have the GPS location recording enabled. The recorded GPS coordinates are sent to the PayClock Online server and convey the location of the device when an employee clocks in or out.

The location from each mobile device punch can be displayed within PayClock Online’s mobile clock app as a geographic view using Microsoft Maps. These maps will display the identification of the device and the geographic area of the employee's time punch along with radius area of accuracy. Rest assured that there’s no scope for inappropriate clock in and clock out or time theft. Our mobile time clock app leaves no stone unturned in accurately validating the authenticity of every employee punch, be it remote or from the facility.

Smartphone apps that are cloud connected with offline backups

The PayClock Mobile App shares data in the cloud instantly, for anytime, anywhere access using your cellular or Wi-Fi internet connection. The time clock app automatically senses internet availability and switches to offline mode during disruptions while still allowing full employee functionality. The transactions are stored in memory until the connection becomes available again. Employee data is secured and operation is seamless even when access to the internet becomes unavailable.

Employee time tracking and management with a time clock app is the easiest, fastest, and most accurate way of optimizing your workforce. Our PayClock Online’s mobile employee time clock app will not only help streamline your timekeeping function but also simplify payroll processing, saving both money and time.

Sign up for our PayClock Online solution today or contact us if you have any questions!

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" PayClock Online’s best feature is that we can be mobile and log our hours from wherever we are. This enables our staff to be working with customers, filling orders and making money, rather than spending time on administrative tasks. "

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