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Employee Time & Attendance for Remote Workers

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The dashboard of a work from home time log
An employee working at home using a work from home time log

Tools for employees working from home

Time clock apps and web based time clock software 

We’ve all seen the world change in just about every way imaginable over the past year, and that’s definitely included big adjustments in the professional context. Millions of people across the United States and the rest of the world have been forced to work remotely, and there’s really no telling how long that approach is going to last. In many cases, that change is going to be permanent. While that offers quite a bit in terms of upside as it relates to productivity, safety and worker satisfaction, it also presents challenges when it comes to critical administrative functions such as keeping track of time worked for payroll. A remote employee time clock is now a central component of countless organizations, but those who are looking for this functionality need to choose a remote employee time clock provider that understands clients’ needs and priorities.

Lathem has been such a provider since generations before the Internet was ever more than a thought in people’s heads. We began providing time clock capabilities for organizations in 1919. Yes, that’s over 100 years – and that should tell you that we fully understand all the nuances, ins and outs and everything in-between when it comes to tracking employees’ time and computing payroll accurately and in a timely fashion. We encourage you to take a look at what our remote employee time clock capabilities provide for those who make use of them, and we’re sure that when you decide to work with us for your time clock for remote employee's needs, you’ll never look back no matter how things play out in general in the months and years to come.

Free mobile phone apps and web portals with access on-demand anytime, anywhere. Your Work from Home (WFH) Employees can clock in and clock-out; review timecards; view benefit time balances; view reports; make time off requests and even more while working remotely. Remote employee management tools for business that helps to establish trust; increase accountability and maintain worker productivity.

The mobile view of the dashboard of a work from home time log

Remote Workforce Management

Web Portals for both employees & managers

Cloud-based time clock software is accessible anywhere there’s a web connection, so you are not tied to a desktop computer at the office. When preparing payroll, big delays happen when you must correct missed employee punches and verify missing timecard information, especially for the employees working remotely. Supervisors and administrators can edit employee time cards; view list of employees current in / out status; see their employees' benefit time and approve or deny time off requests; send messages and much more! It is easy to eliminate payroll processing delays by setting up the employee managers with custom logins for real-time access to the PayClock web portal. They can review their employee timecards and quickly make corrections to mistakes as they happen.

On demand remote access via the web means:

  • Employees can quickly view current and historical time cards by pay period.
  • Managers can review and edit punches on employees timecards.
  • Employees view their schedules and PTO on the calendar.
  • Both managers and employees can run various reports such as: Employee Monthly Schedule; Employee Time Card; Pay Period Totals and many more
  • Administrators have the option to setup remote logins with restrictions to specific computers based on IP addresses.

"PayClock works great for employees that are remote.

They can use the app to clock in and out showing their GPS location.

We know they are on the job when they clock in.

I recommended this system if you have remote employees."

B. Dotson
Foreign Trade Service Inspections

GPS Tracking

If you choose to set up employees to record their time using web-enabled devices like smart phones, now you can verify that remote-based workers are where they should be when they record their work hours. PayClock employee clock in app settings can be configured so that employees will only record punches if their smartphones have the GPS location recording enabled. The recorded GPS coordinates are sent to the PayClock Online server and convey the location of the device when employee clocks in or clocks out.

An image showing the GPS feature of the work from home time log

An employee working at home using a work from home time log with all of its integrations

Fast & accurate payroll for office based and remote employees

Are your payroll people working from home too? No worries, with real-time remote access on demand to employee timesheet data, reports and calculations within your PayClock software, they can complete the preparation and processing of payroll quickly. No matter if employees clock-in and out using a time clock, a home PC, or mobile smartphone, incorrect data and missed employee punches can be identified as they occur and corrected within PayClock before it’s time to export data for payroll. PayClock provides for simplified employee time tracking, much faster payroll processing, and a healthier work environment.

Remote Employee Time Tracking Is the New Normal

As we mentioned above, the world has changed rapidly and radically over the past year or so. What we all should have learned during this time is that you really cannot predict what’s going to happen next or where world events are going to take us. The best way to deal with that from a payroll management perspective is to have as many capabilities available as possible, and that clearly includes remote employee time tracking.

For various reasons, an appreciable percentage of workers will be handling their duties from somewhere other than a centralized office not only for the foreseeable future, but permanently. This process of remote employee time tracking is a challenge, but it’s one that can be overcome with our solutions quickly and efficiently. Not only will you enjoy the ability to handle remote worker time management with ease, but you’ll also soon discover that our solutions are easy to use and fully customizable. You won’t have to become a programmer – or hire one – to unleash the power of PayClock software.

We invite you to take a look at the capabilities presented below and to contact us with any questions you may have. We’ll be happy to walk you through the process, what you can expect and what you’ll need in order to handle remote employee time tracking in a streamlined and seamless manner. The world is changing, and that includes the ways in which people work and organizations are run. Let us help you not only accept that, but embrace it.

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Remote Features Compared to Onsite Time Clocks

Mobile App Web Portal Time Clocks
Features Employees Supervisors Employees Supervisors Employees Supervisors
Clock In/Out
Transfer Department with Employee Level Validation
View Current and Historical Data by Pay Period
View your Benefit Time Balance
View your Pay Period Totals by Pay Code
View your Punches by Day
Request Time Off from Supervisor
Approve or Deny Time Off Requests from Your Employees
Add or Delete Punches on your Personal Timecard
Add or Delete Non-Work Time on your Personal Timecard
View List of your Employees with current In Out Status
View Punch Times for your Employees
View Benefit Time Balancees for your Employees
Add or Delete Punches for your Employees
Add or Delete Time Off for your Employees
Run Reports on Current and Historical Periods
View Employee Work Schedules
Edit Employee Work Schedules
Add Amounts or Tips
Add or Terminate Employees
Export Payroll Data
Manage Time Clocks
Edit Schedules
Native iOS and Android Apps available in App Stores (no charge)
GPS Location Tracking of All Transactions
Offline Mode when Internet Access Unavailable
User Level Permissions and Access Rights**
Send Feedback
Change Password
Login Page Password Reset
IP Address Restrictions for logging in
**List of Permissions: Clock In/Out, Transfer, Edit Personal Daily Card, View Benefit Time, Edit Employee Daily Card, View Employee Benefit Time, Change Password