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Time & attendance software + time clocks + mobile apps

Get payroll flexibility

Easy access to employee timecard info is essential for workforce management and payroll purposes. User friendly for both employees and their managers, PayClock Online time & attendance software is accessible anywhere there's a web connection. A big benefit of online time and attendance software is flexibility of when and how you do payroll. It’s easy to prepare employee time data for payroll when it’s convenient and practically from anywhere.

Automate employee time and attendance

Online time and attendance software can help you manage time tracking of employees that work in multiple sites such as a central office, another facility, working in the field, or at home. The software automatically polls the time clock and seamlessly transfers employee punch data into the software. Data is updated in real-time to and from the time clock system.

PayClock time and attendance software and mobile apps lets managers and payroll admins easily add, change, remove punches and check available sick and vacation hours instantly for any employee. As a result, processing employee data becomes much less time consuming on payroll day

Discover the benefits of combining online time and attendance software
with employee time clocks plus mobile apps

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Real time wage management

PayClock time and attendance software provides your business a number of important benefits, including:

  • Ensuring compliance with wage and hour laws
  • Eliminating wage theft (including “buddy punching”)
  • Reducing unauthorized overtime
  • Accurate and detailed reporting of labor hours that meets your specific industry standards

Employee time & attendance simplified

Accurate calculations, vacation accruals, sick time, tracking of overtime, multiple shifts management and more.

Calculate Worked Hours Premium Time
Track Benefit Time Accruals Shift Differentials
Employee Request Time Off Holiday Calendars
Supervisor Time Off Approval Custom Pay Codes
Employee Scheduling Custom Rounding Rules
Multi-Location Scheduled Email Reporting
Multi-User Access Break Rules: fixed, floating, auto detect

Integrate employee time and attendance with your payroll

Employee time and attendance data that integrates and synchs with payroll software makes payroll processing much easier. PayClock online software helps to ease payroll processing workload by storing employee time clock punches and other data in the cloud. You can automate the export of employee timesheets into your payroll, so you don’t have to enter data twice.

Payroll administrators are not tied to a desktop computer at one location when it comes time to process payroll. Out of the office, working from home, or at another location of the company, you have access to employee timesheet data, reports, and calculations to manage employee time & attendance so you can complete payroll processing quickly.

> Easy exports to popular payroll platforms

Faster payroll processing

When processing payroll, big delays happen when you must correct missed employee punches and verify missing timecard information. The key is to find and correct mistakes in real-time. This leads to faster payroll processing and results in more accurate reports and payouts.

PayClock’s Exception Finder:

Quickly find errors, make adjustments, and correct employee timecard errors as they occur. You can eliminate payroll delays by setting up managers of employees with custom logins and permissions so they can review and correct employee time on demand, at any time. Effectively eliminating the need for payroll and HR administrators to track down employees or managers to verify punches when it is time to process payroll.

Increased visibility with reporting and dashboards

Manage all your employee time data accurately with detailed reports you can access from anywhere, at any time. You can generate all the pay period reporting you need to better manage payroll with an extensive list of pre-built and auto scheduled reports and even create customized reports that integrate with payroll.

> Complete reports for time & attendance:

  • Payroll
  • Attendance
  • List
  • Schedule
  • Management
  • Admin

Time clocks and mobile apps

Smarter time clocks

Wi-Fi & ethernet employee time clocks with proximity badge readers, fingerprint scanners, and biometric facial recognition time clocks offer a variety of technology for accurate employee time capture. Both employees and managers can access and review timecards, benefit PTO time totals, and even more valuable information on demand – right at the time clocks. Employees can see their own time information without asking managers or HR how much time they’ve worked for the pay period.

Mobile apps for managers and employees

The PayClock mobile app can be set up so that employees can only record punches if their smartphones have the GPS location recording enabled. Recorded GPS coordinates are sent to PayClock time and attendance software and identifies the location of the device when the employee clocks in or clocks out. Additionally, employees can check their personal leave time and request time off conveniently from the app.

Eliminate employee time theft

Eliminating employee buddy punching can potentially save companies tens of thousands of dollars in lost wages. Stop buddy punching and better manage other areas of time theft such as: taking long lunches and breaks; tardiness, and early departures. Buddy punch proof biometric fingerprint and biometric facial recognition time clocks and smartphone mobile apps with built-in employee GPS tracking, give you the most effective ways to avoid time theft and the best way to keep employees honest.

Time & Attendance Customer Reviews

PayClock time and attendance software has really helped to streamline our payroll process. The number of reports it can do is amazing. I recommend it.

PayClock time and attendance is easy to work with. It allows me to track all employees and eases the workload when doing payroll.

Easy to use for employees and administrative staff. Access to technical help with just one phone call. Great reports!

PayClock works great! The immediate access to all clock info via the cloud is essential for employee management and payroll purposes.

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Time and Attendance Software FAQs

Time and attendance software tracks employees' work hours by allowing them to clock in and out of work in a convenient way. This allows businesses to automatically track each employee’s hours so they can be paid accurately.

Time and attendance is important because many workers are paid by the hour. If their hours aren’t being tracked correctly, then they may not get paid the correct amount. It’s also important to be able to ensure employees are working the hours they’re scheduled for without excessive tardiness or absences.

The easiest way to track employees’ time and attendance is with a time clock from one of the best time and attendance software companies. This will help you automate the process of tracking time and attendance and ensure your employees get paid fairly.

The benefits of integrating time and attendance with payroll are that it makes it much simpler to pay your employees. Time and attendance data is automatically sent to an editable timesheet, and once approved, it will sync with payroll to make sure employees get paid for the correct number of hours.

It’s a breeze to use Lathem's PayClock time and attendance software to track employee time across different locations. Simply set up different teams and their locations as needed. Nothing, including payroll administration, is ever tied to one location or desktop computer. You can easily complete payroll from anywhere and filter team members by location if needed.

With PayClock time and attendance tracking software you don’t need separate applications to complete these two essential functions. You can easily track employee time with simplified time tracking solutions and monitor employee attendance all from one platform.

Lathem's PayClock time and attendance tracking makes it easy for employees and even managers to track time and more from their mobile phone. The PayClock mobile app can be set up so that employees can only record punches if their smartphones have the GPS location recording enabled. This is an effective way to avoid time theft and allow employees and managers to track time and monitor attendance more efficiently.

Overtime is a necessity in some industries but managing it can be complicated. The right time clock can help you better manage your employees’ hours, including overtime. It helps with efficient employee time tracking and automatically ensures all employee timecard information is easily integrated with payroll. This streamlines two processes at once and ensures you’re not overpaying or underpaying your employees.

A PayClock Online employee time clock system is the solution that makes employee time tracking a breeze, including tracking PTO. The best time and attendance software includes a free PTO accrual calculator that can help your business automate this tedious process. It can also identify hours worked, calculate full and part-time status, seasonal work, and Full-Time Equivalent (FTE) employees.