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Payclock Time Clock Software Prices & Plans Comparison

Standard Pricing

Starts at $35 / month for 10 or less employees

Employees Monthly Plan Annual Plan
Up to 10 $35 $350
Up to 25 $50 $500
Up to 50 $75 $750
Up to 75 $115 $1,150
Up to 100 $160 $1,600
Up to 150 $250 $2,500

*hardware support plan is required when using time clock terminals with PayClock Online

Enterprise Pricing

$3.00 / employee / month - $50 month minimum

Employees Monthly Plan Annual Plan
Up to 10 $3 per employee **$50 min $500
Up to 25 $3 per employee $600
Up to 50 $3 per employee $1,200
Up to 75 $3 per employee $1,800
Up to 100 $3 per employee $2,400
Up to 150 $3 per employee $3,600
Over 150+ $3 per employee Get a Quote

*hardware support plan is required when using time clock terminals with PayClock Online

Why Choose PayClock Online?

PayClock Online empowers businesses to manage employee time and attendance anytime, anywhere with just an Internet connection. Payroll administrators can quickly process labor hours for payroll, when it is most convenient. Powerful online portals and mobile features for both supervisors and employees are included at no additional charge. It's easy to set up office-based or remote workers to clock-in/clock-out from their computers, mobile devices, and even Lathem time clocks, while enabling employees and managers to have unique permissions to view time records and paid time off information on the web.

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Compare PayClock Online Features & Plans

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  Standard Edition Enterprise Edition
Employee Capacity 10,25,50,75,100,150 Unlimited
Department Capacity 100 Unlimited
Reports 49 Standard Reports 49 Standard Reports
Payroll Exports 28 Standard Formats 28 Standard Formats
Calculate Worked Hours
Mobile Smartphone PayClock App
Track Benefit Time Accruals
Employee Request Time Off
Supervisor Time Off Request Approval
Employee Scheduling
Multi-User Access Fixed Profiles Custom Access Profiles
Break Rules Floating, Auto Detect Fixed, Floating, Auto Detect
Premium Time  
Shift Differentials  
Holiday Calendars  
Custom Pay Codes  
Custom Rounding Rules  
Scheduled Email Reporting  

All plans include:

  • Unlimited Support without any setup fees
  • Free Mobile App mobile smartphone app for employees and supervisors
  • Pay as you Go with no long term commitment
  • Unlimited Admin Users no per use access fees
  • Easy Exporting to standard payroll formats

5-Point Purchase Assurance

  • Free Setup & Install Support
  • Lifetime Telephone Support - based in the USA
  • Hardware Service & Easy No Hassle Replacement
  • 30-day Money Back Guarantee
  • Time Clock Trade-Up Discounts

Hardware Support Pricing & Policy

PayClock Online requires the purchase of hardware support for each connected time clock. This provides online time clock communication services, unlimited support, troubleshooting, and no charge clock replacement* for as long as you remain a subscriber.

*No charge clock replacement only applies to current models as shown below.  Once a model is discontinued, an upgraded replacement model can be purchased at a special discount. Contact us to upgrade your time clock if it is no longer current.  Please note that hardware support begins billing when clock(s) become active in your account. Hardware support on annual plans may arrive as a separate invoice if clocks are added after your initial bill, but will be pro-rated to match the remainder of your subscription.

Hardware Support Price for CT74 | Lathem

$7/mo or $84/yr

Hardware support for CT72 on a timeclock software comparisons page

$6/mo or $72/yr

Hardware Support Price for PCPROX | Lathem

$6/mo or $72/yr

Hardware Support Price for PC700-PC600 | Lathem

$4/mo or $48/yr

Hardware Support Price for PCEXPRESS | Lathem

$4/mo or $48/yr

Lathem Customer Loyalty Discounts

Special upgrade discounts are available for PayClock desktop and Lathem time clock customers.

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PayClock Online FAQs

Lathem solutions consultants are available to answer your questions, provide you a custom quote, and help you get started today. Call today at 404-691-0400

PayClock Online supports the following Lathem automated time clock models for employees to can clock in and out: PC600; PC700; CloudTouch Series: (CT70, CT72 and CT74); and FaceIN biometric time clocks. Legacy model time clocks: the PC50, PC60, PC100, PC400 and TS100 are not supported. We are offering a very special trade up offer on our newest ethernet or WIFi time clocks when you trade in your existing legacy Lathem time clocks.

Your employees also have the ability to track their time and clock in and clock out using web enabled devices like smartphones, tablets, PC and laptop computers.

Multiple locations can be set up using the locations tab under Setup. Each location will have its own data view and access rights independent of the broader company information.

One great feature about PayClock Online is that all of your locations will be included in the same database that you can access anytime and anywhere.

When migrating to the PayClock Online software, there is a Setup Assistant tool that easily helps you migrate your existing data and also setup time clocks and exports. Lathem support can help you to transfer your current open pay period time card data, including pay codes, pay classes departments and any current non-worked time.

PayClock Online comes with a dozen exports to payroll services (ADP, QuickBooks, Paychex, etc) and Lathem is able to design customized exports for you as well.

The software will allow for specific access rights for each user setup in the software. For example, a Department Manager can be setup to see more or less functions than a Supervisor.

Employees can be set up with access to the employee portal where they can easily review their timecard and send themselves a variety of reports.

By allowing access to the mobile application the employee can clock in and out via an iPad, tablet, or smartphone.

Using Online Enterprise an unlimited number of custom pay codes can be set up to accommodate your business needs.

As part of the employee setup process, users can be defined as a supervisor and employees can be assigned to that supervisor. The employees that are assigned to the supervisor are the only employees that the supervisor can see while logged in.

There is no limit on the number of users that can be logged into the online software.

Yes. PayClock Online is compatible with Firefox and Safari web browsers.

In Standard Edition only employees marked ACTIVE in the employee setup are counted. For companies with high turnover, you can mark an employee INACTIVE and they will not count towards employee capacity. If they are marked as TERMINATED you can re-assign the old employee badge to someone new. For recordkeeping best practices, we do not recommend you actually change or delete an employee. If you simply mark them as INACTIVE or TERMINATED they will not count towards capacity, but all time clock records will be retained for easy retrieval if necessary.

In Enterprise Edition PayClock looks at all employees with more than ten (10) punch transactions (or one time off transaction) in the prior month. Only these employees are considered active. For companies with a lot of turnover, you will not be charged for any employee with less than 10 punch transactions (or 1 time off entry) in the month, and all of their previous time records are retained at no additional charge.

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