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Why Upgrade?

Lathem discontinued PayClock Desktop Software in 2018. With the sunset of desktop software, support and service items for PayClock desktop versions are no longer available including: telephone support, ASA's, employee capacity upgrades, CDs, license keys, unlock codes, and password resets.

Upgrade now to PayClock Online and get unlimited support and service


Here are just some of the PayClock Online benefits available when you upgrade now:

  • Special discounts if you want to trade-up to the newest time clocks.
  • Many great additional features not found in PayClock desktop software.

  • Free mobile PayClock apps for both employees and managers.

  • 5 - Point Purchase Assurance.

"It's a very easy transition from the old PayClock V6 desktop software to the new PayClock web based version. PayClock Online is easy to use!"

"I am extremely happy with PayClock Online. The process to convert from the desktop software to the cloud was rather easy. I love it!"