Employee Time Clocks & Attendance Systems

An employee time clock on 4 different devices

Lathem's employee clocking systems can cut payroll preparation time in half!

A Lathem employee time clock with PayClock Online time clock software significantly reduces the time it takes to process employee worked hours for payroll. These employee time tracking systems are perfect time and attendance clocks for employees to accurately record their hours when clocking in and out. With a PayClock Online time and attendance system you can eliminate employee time theft, reduce unauthorized overtime, and ensure compliance with Affordable Care Act and wage/hour laws.  The PayClock Online employee time clock software is a complete employee time tracking system that offers different options on how employees clock in with the system and use the software.  Employees can record their time and view their time card data on demand using an online time clock, mobile smartphones, a Lathem digital time clock, - or all three!.  Managers and administrative staff can be set up with unique permissions to get real-time access to the time clock software to review and edit employee time records, approve time off requests, manage schedules and run a variety of reports.  All the employee time card information is easily integrated with payroll applications like Intuit QuickBooks, ADP, Paychex and more, making the processing of payroll faster and easier.


Biometric face scanning employee time clocks

FaceIN Biometric Face Recognition Time Clocks

Simple to use and workplace friendly, FaceIN® employee time clocks replace conventional fingerprint, iris scan and hand readers to eliminate buddy punching and provide a more hygienic and reliable solution than other biometric time clock systems.

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Fingerprint scanning employee time clocks

CloudTouch Biometric Fingerprint & Proximity Badge Reader Time Clocks

Lathem’s new CloudTouch time clocks have a user-friendly 7” LCD large touch screen display enabling employees’ to clock in and out, check their totals, change departments, add amounts, and more. Supervisors and Administrators can easily manage timekeeping requirements at the clock and with Lathem's PayClock Online employee time & attendance software. Choose the CloudTouch time clock model that captures employee time with a state-of-the-art biometric fingerprint reader or proximity badge scanner. CloudTouch web time clocks have built-in WiFi, so data is sent in real time to your secure PayClock Online cloud-based time clock program. Now you can access and manage employee time at Anytime, Anywhere.

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Proximity badge employee time clocks

Touchscreen & Proximity Badge Time Clocks

Your employees are going to love the interactive smart touch screen technology of Lathem's PC series time clocks. They can use proximity badges or personal PIN entry on the color touch screen for clocking in and out. And both managers and employees have the ability to indicate department transfers, enter tip amounts, and view their total hours and benefit time information and more - all right at the time clock.

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