How to Control Overtime with a Time Clock

August 5

How to Control Overtime With A Time Clock

For many business owners, managing overtime is a common part of their job. And while overtime can be beneficial, it’s also costly and can result in legal action if not processed properly during payroll. Read on to learn more about how to control overtime costs at your organization with help from a time clock.
ADP Time Clock Integrations

August 3

ADP Time Clock Integrations

While ADP is a powerful solution, it can be made even better with the right integrations. Read on to learn more about the best ADP compatible time clocks and how it can improve your payroll process even more.
How Fingerprint Time Clocks Work

July 26

How Do Fingerprint Time Clocks Work?

When you want to effortlessly keep track of your employees, these systems are commonplace throughout the world. So - how do these systems work, and how can you use them to improve your time and attendance tracking?
Best Biometric Time Clock

July 14

Best Biometric Time Clock

There seems to be so much choice when it comes to biometric employee time clocks. The question is, how do you find the best biometric time clock for your business? We take a look at the different biometric time clock options, how they work, and the important things you need to look out for in your employee time and attendance software.
Best Practices for Time Clock Punch In and Out

July 11

Best Practices for Time Clock Punch In and Out Policies

Having a time clock punch in and punch out policy is one way to ensure your team is working the correct hours and being compensated for them accordingly. Read on to learn more about the importance of this practice, as well as the best time clock policies for employees you can put in place.
Time Clock That Integrates With QuickBooks

June 21

Employee Time Clocks That Integrate With QuickBooks

If you’re one of these businesses, you may consider finding time clock software and time clocks that are compatible with Quickbooks to help make the payroll process even easier. Read on to learn more about the benefits of time clocks that integrate with QuickBooks platforms and where you can find them.
Shift Differentials

June 17

What Is a Shift Differential and How Does It Work?

Managing and documenting employee time may sound straightforward, but it’s rarely as easy as looking at when an employee clocks in and out. When it comes time to calculate payroll, you must consider details like pay codes, rounding rules, holidays, and, of course, shift differentials. Read on to learn all about differential pay so you can understand once and for all what shift differential means for your organization.
4 Workforce Mgmt Tools

June 16

4 Workforce Management Tools You Need to Know About

Software can transform your business but the key is focusing on the tools that bring your business the best results. This is certainly true for workforce management tools. There’s so much choice out there, but not every function is completely necessary for your business. If you can get the functions you need, without having to pay for the extras you don’t need, then you’re on the right track
Employee Time Theft

June 2

What is Employee Time Theft & How to Prevent it

Time theft is one of the largest problems facing modern businesses. In one survey, almost half (43%) of hourly workers admitted to exaggerating the amount of time they work during their shifts. And this is only scratching the surface of the time and attendance issue in the workforce.
Paychex Integrations

June 2

Paychex Integrations: Time Clock Software

Today, we’re going to explore the benefits of Paychex integrations with time clock software. Read on to learn more about how the right time tracking solution for Paychex can improve your business operations

February 22

4 Reasons to End On-Call Scheduling & What to Do Instead

What is on-call scheduling, why should you stop using it, and what should you do instead? Here’s your guide to on-call scheduling.
Predictive Scheduling

February 15

Everything You Need to Know About Predictive Scheduling

What do you need to know about predictive scheduling? We take a look at every aspect of predictive scheduling so you can implement it efficiently.