Paychex Integrations: Time Clock Software

Paychex Integrations

June 2, 2022

As your company grows and changes with the times, it’s essential for your processes to also evolve. From how you hire employees and track time to managing payroll, keeping these operations up to date is the key to improving your business’s efficiency.

Of course, most businesses utilize different software to accomplish these functions. That’s where integrations come in as another necessity.

Read on to learn more about how the right time tracking solution for Paychex can improve your business operations.

How Does Paychex Integration Work?

Over 700,000 businesses utilize Paychex to run payroll, manage HR, and administer employee benefits. The all-in-one solution is especially convenient for small businesses that want to streamline payroll.

What if you want to use this payroll service alongside other productivity tools at your business? That’s the purpose of Paychex integrations.

Paychex integrations help connect and share data between the technology solution and hundreds of popular HR, productivity, and financial tools. Rather than keeping different systems siloed, integrations allow for the seamless sharing of information that can improve efficiency.

While the exact integration process will differ depending on the software, it helps businesses make the most of their tech stack.

Benefits of Paychex Time Clock Integration

One popular Paychex integration is with time clock software. While Paychex does offer its own time clock and a Paychex biweekly timesheet, there are unique benefits of utilizing a different time and attendance software solution with this payroll information.

These are just a handful of them:


Don’t be limited to Paychex employee time clock offerings. While Paychex scheduling software might work for your business, there are a variety of other time clock solutions available that might be better suited to your needs.

For instance, you may want to invest in a solution with improved facial recognition, a mobile app, or different technology than what Paychex offers. Take advantage of integrations to find software that’s the best fit for your business rather than being pigeonholed into one solution.


It’s no secret that Paychex specializes in payroll and HR functions. When you need to update your time card system, choose a solution that is purpose-built and optimized for time and attendance.

While a secondary add-on to a payroll system can do the basics, your business may be missing out on the chance to truly transform your time clock system. When you choose a solution from a company that specializes in time clocks, you benefit from more ease of use, additional features, industry expertise, and highly proficient customer support.

Eliminate Errors

When it comes time to process payroll, don’t waste time re-entering employee timecard data into your payroll system. Save time and eliminate data entry errors with time clock software that offers easy Paychex integration.

This way, any time you make adjustments or edits to employee time cards (like if employees swap shifts) during the pay period, they are updated in real-time. This can streamline the entire process while reducing the risk of lost, incorrect, or duplicate data that would disrupt payroll and potentially lead to a bigger problem.

Easily Switch Providers

There may come a time when you want to change your payroll provider. Whether that be due to budget changes or finding a better solution.

With integration, you can keep your existing time clock system even if you change your payroll provider. This eliminates the impact on your employees’ daily routine and any downtime. Keep your employee schedules consistent and operate your business as usual even through this change.

Improve Payroll Processing With Integrations

Perhaps the most important benefit of Paychex time clock integrations is that it makes the payroll process faster, easier, and all-around less stressful. This is because, with the right time clock solution, you can integrate and export timesheets directly into Paychex.

Processing payroll can be a challenging process, especially when it is time to transfer employee time card data into your payroll system. You always want to ensure accurate time is being captured while also working efficiently. This can no doubt be difficult when you have to re-enter employee data.

With time clock software that offers direct accounting or payroll systems integration, you can save time and eliminate data entry errors. Time clock software automatically performs employee time card calculations and will accurately apply your company’s payroll rules related to daily or weekly overtime and regular hours. Then, it can export this information directly into payroll or accounting software like Paychex and many other popular payroll systems.

How to Run Payroll in Paychex

Once this information is in Paychex, running payroll is infinitely easier. Business owners can complete payroll themselves, however, they must be familiar with the terminology, options, and basics of running payroll, as well as payroll tax laws. This is a lot to remember, so it’s no wonder that approximately 33% of all employers make payroll errors at some point and time.

If you run a small business with up to 10 employees, Paychex Go is likely the best fit while companies with 10 to 49 employees should use Paychex Flex. After choosing your plan, running payroll in Paychex Flex or Go is extremely straightforward. With a few clicks of a button, you can easily submit payroll for processing.

When you have an integrated time clock system in place, it’s even easier since you know accurate time information has already been imported.

Best Time Clock Software for Paychex

Once you know integration is right for your business, it’s time to choose your time clock software. Of course, there are a variety of employee time clocks for Paychex payroll integration available.

Here are some qualities of the best time clock software for Paychex:

Standard Exports

Paychex offers a few options to run payroll depending on the size of your business. You want to ensure the time clock solution you choose can integrate with the major ones, including:

  • Paychex Flex

  • Paychex Flex V2

  • Paychex Paylink for Windows

  • Preview by Paychex

This way, if your business changes its Paychex services as it expands, your time clock can remain the same.


How much will it cost to complete the Paychex integration? Some companies charge a fee to integrate the system with its time clock solution. However, Lathem offers integration of PayClock to Paychex at no cost.

This information can help you find a solution that best fits your budget.


A web-based time clock solution is a must for the modern workforce. This makes it so the solution is accessible from anywhere there’s an internet connection and you are not tied to a desktop computer at one location.

A cloud-based time clock means it’s easy to prepare employee time for processing payroll from a PC, laptop, or even a smartphone whenever and wherever it’s convenient. Out of the office, working from home, or at another location of your company, you have access to employee timesheet data, reports, and calculations within the time clock software to complete payroll processing quickly and easily.

With remote work a reality for millions of employees, this solution is more important than ever. Empower your team to manage and administer employee time tracking for employees that work in the main office, remotely, or at different locations.


Make sure your time clock is making adjustments in real-time. With PayClock Online time clock software, anytime you make changes to employee timecards during the pay period, those changes synchronize and update the employee timesheets in Paychex.

As previously mentioned, this is the key to reducing many common payroll errors that occur with manual entry.


Keep in mind how your time clock solution will be used by your time. Having a solution that is convenient and easy to use is one of the best ways to ensure it’s being properly utilized by your team.

For instance, more advanced time clock software lets employees see their paid time off (PTO) balances and make time-off requests. Employees can even make these requests using a smartphone app no matter where they are.

About Lathem PayClock and Paychex Integrations

Lathem’s PayClock time clock software is one of the best ways to export employee hours and proper pay codes directly into Paychex software. Our solution seamlessly integrates with Paychex to connect these two essential business functions and make them both more efficient.

Along with improving payroll processes, PayClock can also help eliminate employee time theft, reduce unauthorized overtime, and ensure compliance with the Affordable Care Act and wage/hour laws. Essentially, making your business more profitable in an instant.

If you're ready to find out how easy and cost-effective it is to cut payroll preparation time in half,

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