Benefits of Combining Time Clocks and Online Software

Get More Benefits When You Pair A Time Clock With Online Employee Time & Attendance Software

September 2, 2021


Employee time and attendance management has come a long way. Older employee time clocks require making manual tabulations and calculations of employee work hours when it comes time to process payroll, which means many extra administration hours and fixing errors. Online software can help automate many of these tasks, but if just used alone, time tracking software can have limitations. The best of both worlds is to pair an automated employee time clock with cloud-based time and attendance software, providing a complete payroll solution.

Companies experience extensive benefits when they use a physical time clock with online software. For one, a time clock reminds employees to clock in and out. Tracking employee time with a physical time clock provides accurate and reliable timekeeping. An employee time clock placed in a fixed location, like a break room or building entrance, ensures consistent recording of employee time punches. The clocks allow the use of swipe badges, key fobs or PIN numbers, so employers can decide which system works best for their environment.

The type of physical time clock you choose makes a difference, too. There are many choices. Using a biometric employee time clock cuts down on employee time theft. Buddy punching – when employees clock in and out for each other – can result in millions of dollars in lost labor. Face recognition clocks such as Lathem’s FaceIN identifies 60 unique facial points, so there’s no mistaking one employee for another.

The list of benefits goes on. Combining automated employee time clocks with online software is a complete employee time and attendance solution. Click here to download our guide that details the benefits that make employee time and attendance management easy and saves you money. 


The Benefits of Combining Time Clocks & Online Software

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