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The Protocall Group

Staffing Industry


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Staffing company the Protocall Group cuts payroll processing time by 60 percent

The Protocall Group is a full-service independent and family-owned and operated recruitment and staffing firm, which has been in business for 50 years as a leader in employment staffing. One of the largest employment staffing providers in South Jersey and Philadelphia, Protocall connects exceptional job seekers with their client companies offering a broad range of personnel including administrative/office support, industrial warehouse staffing, information technology, nursing, ancillary and allied health professionals. 


The Challenge

The Protocall Group supplies about 2,500 temporary employees each week to client companies. In addition to placing workers, they’re also responsible for administering their employee time and attendance records and processing payroll. Some of their customer locations recorded temporary employee work hours using manual timekeeping, which is prone to human error and inaccuracies. Paper time records had to be collected, and managers spent hours poring over employee time card data to ensure accurate time records.  They needed a better way to increase efficiencies.

The Solution

Today The Protocall Group uses Lathem’s PayClock Online cloud-based employee time and attendance system to administer and process payroll for four enterprise customers, including two industrial bakeries, a custom printer and a food service company. Three of these customers have more than 100 temporary employees.

Using PayClock Online allows the Protocall Group anytime, anywhere access to employee time and attendance records, instead of relying on paper time cards. PayClock Online also easily integrates with the staffing company’s payroll processing software, Avionte, so it eliminates manual entry errors and streamlines the entire payroll process.

"We access PayClock Online at anytime, anywhere and allow multiple users with different permission levels of access.

Example - supervisors are able to easily access employee time card data, but not necessarily change it."

Trevor Knauss
Staffing Payroll/Billing Coordinator

The Benefits

PayClock Online also helps Protocall managers with scheduling and filling orders for temporary workers. Knauss said that implementing the Lathem system has led to increased efficiencies and eliminating errors. While PayClock Online is deployed in four locations to date, he said the company plans to install the solution at additional customer locations in the future.

"We were spending four or five hours a week on payroll processing.

Now it takes an hour or two a week, a 60 percent reduction in processing time.”