Achieve Faster Payroll Processing

June 16

How to Achieve Faster Payroll Processing

An employee time clock software system makes payroll processing faster and easier. Read our blog to discover how.
Inner Workings of Computer Showing Integration of Fingerprint for Biometric Time Clock

April 5

What Is a Biometric Time Clock and How Does It Work

A biometric time clock identifies employees clocking in for work by recognizing physical characteristics such as, fingerprints, face, or irises. Learn more!
2021 Predictions for Time Clock Systems

March 1

2021 Predictions for Time Clock Systems for Employees

Time clocks are growing both more simplified and more diversified at the same time. Efforts are being made to make everything easier for both employee and employer, but also more refined to specific industries. Here are our predictions for the time clock market in 2021.
The Best Time Clock Systems for QuickBooks

February 1

The Best Time Clock Systems for Quickbooks

With all three of our flagship time clock products integrating so easily and simply into Quickbooks, you’ll never have trouble again when it comes time for payroll. The information will simply be tracked, imported, and processed, without you needing to do hardly any manual inputs.