Lathem PayClock Desktop Software Discontinued

The desktop software version of PayClock has been discontinued and no longer available for purchase


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FAQ: PayClock Desktop Software end of life


Lathem will no longer produce or sell the desktop version of PayClock software or sell new time clock systems that include PayClock desktop software.

Customer that have existing PayClock desktop software systems will not be affected*.

To better support and meet customer's changing technological needs, we have refocused development and customer service resources for maximizing the support of newer and scalable application platform technologies, such as the Microsoft Azure platform. Ongoing changes and upgrades to legacy desktop PC Operating Systems makes it difficult for Lathem to optimize Lathem product development and technical support resources between older desktop Operating systems and newer Microsoft platforms. Our goal is to continue to provide the highest quality levels of service and product innovation to customers seeking or utilizing the latest technologies and systems.

New technology platforms provide more benefits to customers beyond the limitations of Desktop software systems. For example - Lathem's PayClock Online employee time and attendance system requires no software for customers to install, and it is available to users at anytime from anywhere with a Web connection. In addition, with PayClock Online software customers receive unlimited multi-users; secure data backup; no server installation required; lifetime technical support; free mobile apps and more.

PC600-KIT: PC600 Touch Screen Time Clock System (with PayClock V6 Software)

FR650-KIT: FR650 Face Recognition Time Clock System (with PayClock V6 Software)

FR700KIT: FR700 Face Recognition Time Clock System (with PayClock V6 Software)

PCW-UP: PC50-TS100 PayClock Version 6 Software Upgrade

PCWFR7-UP: FR700 PayClock Version 6 Software Upgrade

New Sales of Annual Support Agreements (ASA's)

PC600-KIT-FR (Canada only)

FR700-KIT-FR (Canada only)

Yes, on Microsoft Computer Operating Systems that Lathem currently supports. (*changes to your existing PC Operating Systems may affect the ability for Lathem PayClock desktop software to run properly.)

Lathem no longer offers multi-user upgrades and custom exports for PayClock desktop software systems (except in Canada)

Yes. (*changes to your existing PC Operating Systems may affect the ability for Lathem PayClock desktop software to run properly.)

No. Additionally, Lathem no longer offers multi-admin user upgrades for PayClock Desktop software. If you need to upgrade the number of employees and / or multi-user features, you can upgrade to PayClock Online.

Telephone support for PayClock Desktop software is no longer available.Telephone customer support for Annual Support Agreement (ASA's) holders will be honored through the end of their 2018 renewal period*.

(*PLEASE NOTE: we may not be able to provide support if your Operating System (OS) changes on your desktop PC where the PayClock desktop software is installed)

You can re-install an existing CD_ROM of Version 6 of PayClock software only.

You will no longer be able to install and register Version 4 or Version 5 of PayClock software

If you have a current active support agreement it will be limited to telephone support and clock coverage until the aggreement expires. Software maintenance and updates for your PayClock desktop software is no longer included.

You will not be able to renew an Annual Support Agreement for your PayClock desktop software after the date of expiration.

Yes. Most existing desktop customers have upgraded to our new PayClock Online cloud-based time & attendance system.

When you upgrade to PayClock Online you get lifetime customer technical support and product enhancements; time clock hardware coverage; unlimited admin users; free mobile apps for employees and supervisors; and many new features not found in PayClock desktop software. It is the easiest way to integrate employee time card data with any of the popular payroll systems like QuickBooks, ADP, Paychex, and more. PayClock Online works with Lathem automated time clocks, as well as web-enabled devices such as smartphones, PC's, laptops, and tablets.

Existing Lathem PayClock desktop software customers can receive incentives and discounted pricing to upgrade to PayClock Online. LEARN MORE

Yes, promotional offers for PayClock Online employee time & attendance software and discounts on time clock system upgrades are available

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PayClock Desktop Software can be upgraded to PayClock Online:


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