Top-Feed Time Card Clock

Print month, date, day of the week, and employee time on every punch.

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Indisputable Time Records

The 400E records and prints the month, day of the week, date, and time for each employee punch. Most time clocks only provide the date or the day of the week. The 400E gives you both the date and day of the week time card printing so each recorded employee punch is indisputable. The time listed for each punch can be displayed as standard minutes or in fractions of an hour. It can also be printed in either AM/PM format or in 24-hour format. 

Take a Look: Simple Electronic Punch Clock

Watch this short video to see the 400E top-feed electronic employee time clock in action!

Options you can use

The 400E offers a variety of optional settings that you can use to tailor the timekeeping to fit your organization's needs. The time clock supports any pay period method including weekly, biweekly, semimonthly and monthly pay periods. With just a push of a button employees can select the appropriate time card column for recording in, out and lunch punches. You have the option to set a schedule to automatically adjust the columns for in, out and lunch punches based on the time of day. There is also the option to print late arrivals and early departures on the employee's time card in red.

Simple top-feed time card printing

Auto top-feed row alignment and print activation allow for simple one-hand operation. Using the specified Lathem E14 time cards employees simply insert the cards into the top of the clock to quickly record time punches. They have the option to select the button that corresponds to the correct column on the card based on the time of the day to get a perfect punch every time. Optional audio settings can signal a sound when punches are made and external bell ringing connections are available for time signaling.


SmartClock technology

SmartClock technology ensures that you will never need to adjust the clock for Daylight Savings Time or Leap Years. It maintains a perpetual calendar that keeps the correct time and date and even retains all of the time clock settings in the event of a power outage

Complete with everything you need

The 400E is a complete kit with included accessories at one low price.  The 400E-Kit comes with everything needed to get up and running fast - including 200 cards, 2 ten pocket 7" time card racks, 2 ribbons and 2 sets of keys
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  • Prints month, date, day of week and time with each punch
  • Auto top-feed row alignment and print activation for simple one-hand operation
  • SmartClock™ technology with perpetual calendar retains time, date and settings during power outages, and auto-adjusts for Daylight Saving Time and Leap Years
  • Supports weekly, biweekly, semimonthly and monthly pay periods
  • Employees use button to select column for in, out and lunch punches
  • Optional schedule to automatically adjust column for in, out and lunch punches based on the time of day
  • Optional printing of late arrivals and early departures in red
  • Optional internal alarm signal or external bell ringing
  • Print time in 1-12 AM/PM hours or 24 Hour format
  • Print regular minutes (0-59) or hundredths of an hours (.00-.98)
  • Prints month, date, day of the week, and the time on every punch.
  • Time format can be specified as AM/PM or 24 hour format.
  • Minutes can be displayed as standard minutes or as hundredths of an hour.
  • SmartClock technology retains settings and the day and time during power outages.
  • Supports all pay periods.
  • Various optional settings, including automatically adjusting to the correct column based on time, printing late arrivals/early departures in red, and making a sound when an employee punches in or out.
  • Automatically adjusts for Daylight Savings Time and Leap Years.
  • Requires Lathem E14 time cards. 
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