Economical Electronic Time Clocks

Easy to use employee time clocks 

Lathem's new line of electronic time card punch clocks are easy to use, deliver an affordable solution for cost-conscious small businesses in need of an entry level employee time clock product.


700E Calculating Electronic Time Clock

The 700E is a fully-automatic simple calculating time clock that can be used to track time for up to 100 employees. It can be setup to either calculate total hours or simply print the date and time employees clock in and out. With support for any pay period, exact minute or rounding time format, and ease of use, the 700E is a great option for any employee time tracking system. The 700E requires Lathem E17 time cards.

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400E Top-Feed Basic Electronic Time Clock

The Model 400E provides accurate timekeeping for employees without making the clock-in and clock-out process complicated or difficult. The 400E supports any pay period and records the month, date, day of the week, and time with every punch. Most time clocks only provide the date or the day of the week, not both. With SmartClock technology, supervisors will never need to adjust the time or date due to power outage, Leap Year, or Daylight Savings Time. The 400E requires Lathem E14 time cards.

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100E Electronic Time Clock and Document Stamp

The 100E Multi-Function Electronic Time Clock & Document Stamp was designed to provide timekeeping records in 18 different preset print formats. It can print records in four different languages and can be configured to print times and years in various formats. The 100E makes use of SmartClock technology to keep a perpetual calendar and settings during power outages and has a five-year memory backup. It can accept standard time and job cards or print on paper.

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