Lathem Introduces Latest Face Recognition Time Clock, the FaceIN™ CT74, the Next Evolution in Employee Time and Attendance

Lathem Introduces CT74 Face Recognition

March 27, 2019

100-year-old time clock and employee time clock software developer Lathem has launched the model CT74™, its most advanced web-enabled biometric time clock that makes it easier than ever to manage employee time and attendance. The model CT74 employee time clock is the next evolution of its FaceIN™ Face Recognition Series, which Lathem introduced in 2010. The first employee time and attendance company in the U.S. to offer face recognition biometric time and attendance solutions, Lathem’s face recognition time clocks allow employees to record their work hours by clocking in and out with a quick scan of their face.

The CT74 clocks are designed to work exclusively with Lathem’s PayClock® Online software, offering businesses the ability to manage employee time and attendance from any location and at any time. Companies can capture, manage and securely integrate their workforce time and attendance data into payroll systems such as ADP, QuickBooks, Paychex, etc., when it is convenient for them and from anywhere via the web.

“CT74 is our most advanced time clock, offering employers an easy way to track employee time and attendance using face recognition,” said Lance Whipple, VP Sales & Marketing at Lathem. “With new functionality and enhanced features, the CT74 clock works with PayClock Online to better manage time and attendance, reducing time, saving money and streamlining operations.”

Customers Love It

“We love the CT74,” said Trenton Blanchette, head of Accounting and HR for B&R Dental Lab, LLC. “It saves me 30 minutes every time I process payroll, and it only takes five minutes to set up a new employee. It’s cost-effective because you don’t need to purchase time cards or time card racks.”

With interactive screen options, employers and employees can access a variety of functions on demand, including viewing total worked hours, overtime and benefit time balances, as well as transferring departments. An auto punch mode allows quick clock ins/clock outs.

Additional features and benefits include

  • Fool-proof face recognition technology to instantly identify employees
  • Touch-free, hygienic alternative to fingerprint and hand readers
  • Stops “buddy punching” - employees cannot clock in and out for each other, eliminating potential time theft that results in increased labor costs
  • Employees’ punch data is sent in real time to PayClock Online cloud-based time clock software

Lost Connection, No Problem

The CT74 time clock is easy to use and set up with an Internet connection. If the connection is lost, employees still have full functionality at the time clock as the CT74 stores employee punches and other transactions in memory until the Internet connection becomes available again.

Accuracy Matters

CT74 is so accurate it can’t be fooled by facial hair, hats or even identical twins, as it identifies 60 unique facial points that are unique to each employee. Employee facial points are recorded and stored as data algorithms in the time clock. As a result, employee facial data is collected only as digitally-encoded information, not as a photographic image.

More Security Features

The CT74 includes optional door access control to admit employees into secure interior locations. Employers can choose from face recognition only, proximity badge or identification using PIN entry and face recognition combined for an added layer of security, to identify employees for access into secure environments or for clocking in/out.

Lathem’s other PayClock Online time clocks include the WiFi-enabled CloudTouch biometric fingerprint and proximity badge reader, which also integrate with popular payroll systems.

Big Savings

Lathem is offering big savings on the model CT74 face recognition time clock with PayClock Online employee time & attendance software, making it easy for businesses to upgrade from older employee time tracking methods. 

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