Best Software For Staffing Agencies

Best Software For Staffing Agencies

August 30, 2022

Staffing agencies help support a variety of industries and professions by connecting qualified applicants with jobs. From recruitment agencies to temporary staffing agencies, many businesses rely on their services to find candidates.

Of course, a staffing agency is also a business in and of itself. This means it also relies on a variety of technologies and software solutions to operate efficiently. Read on to learn more about the best software for staffing agencies that can help you operate your business seamlessly.

What are Staffing Software Solutions?

Essentially, staffing technology and software is used by temp staffing agencies and recruiters to help them do their job. This can include essential operations such as payroll billing and scheduling, to more niche activities like sourcing, managing, and tracking candidates.

Every industry uses software to help create more efficient workflows. In the staffing industry, these solutions tend to be more focused on the recruitment and hiring process.

Some of the benefits of utilizing software for staffing agencies includes:

  • Streamlined workflows 
  • Increased productivity 
  • Simplified decision making 
  • Enhanced customer service and experience

7 Staffing Company Software Solutions You Should Have

While the best software for staffing agencies will differ depending on the needs of your business, these standard staffing software solutions are something every agency can benefit from.

1. Applicant Tracking System

Perhaps one of the most important staffing software solutions is an Applicant Tracking System (ATS). Temp agencies and staffing agencies must create an efficient recruitment process for their clients. The right ATS creates a hub for all applicant information throughout the hiring pipeline.

An Applicant Tracking System can help staffing agencies organize and analyze their database of applicants to connect them to the jobs they are most qualified and interested in. Rather than sifting through dozens or hundreds of resumes, easily sort through applications based on candidate experience and interests to streamline the hiring process.

Similarly, an ATS can allow your staffing agency to post on multiple job boards with the click of a button and makes scheduling interviews a breeze. This efficiency creates a positive experience for your clients, especially if they need to fill roles with qualified candidates quickly.

Benefits of using an ATS

  • Some of the benefits of using this staffing company software include:
  • Streamlining the hiring process and approvals 
  • Analyze large groups of applicants at once 
  • Easier document management 
  • Save time and resources Improve hiring compliance

2. Candidate Relationship Management

Similarly, Candidate Relationship Management (CRM) software is a must for staffing agencies. According to Bullhorn, a popular recruiting CRM provider, this software allows agencies to build and maintain relationships with large pools of candidates and effectively manage the entire recruitment process.

With this software, you can eliminate the need for manual data input and paperwork to streamline processes and better engage with candidates. While this may seem similar to an ATS, it is a very different system. An ATS focuses on workflows behind the recruitment and hiring process, a CRM can assist more with the relationship side of things. Both are equally important, and most staffing agencies utilize these two systems together to create a streamlined and personalized recruitment process.

Note: Many times you can find ATS and CRM solutions bundled. Bullhorn and Zoho Recruit are two popular options for staffing agencies looking to utilize these technologies in tandem.

Benefits of using a CRM system

Here are a handful of the benefits of utilizing a recruitment CRM:

  • Improved relationships with candidates 
  • Automatic capturing of data 
  • Automate manual processes 
  • Access important candidate information from anywhere

3. Employee Scheduling

Employee scheduling can be tricky business for staffing agencies, especially those specializing in temporary employees or contractors. In some scenarios, staffing agencies not only connect candidates to jobs but are also tasked with managing their schedules.

In these cases, it’s essential to lean on an employee scheduling solution. Job scheduling and labor allocation are a time-consuming process. Not only does it take a lot of internal resources, but even a small mistake can create a negative client experience and harm the reputation of your agency.

The right temporary staffing agency software for employee scheduling can help you best allocate your greatest resources - your candidates. Create reliable staff scheduling and focus more on building valuable relationships with candidates and clients.

Benefits of using an employee scheduling solution

Some of the ways scheduling software for staffing agencies can be helpful include:

  • Improve scheduling communications with candidates 
  • Seamlessly assign or reassign jobs to different candidates 
  • Reduce human error that can lead to scheduling conflicts 
  • Easily schedule invoices

4. Human Resource Management

Human resources and recruitment are two distinct functions. However, they rely on each other to ensure workflows operate smoothly.

Of course, every staffing agency also needs a strong human resource department. Indeed explains that HR professionals are responsible for handling any people-related concerns and needs that arise within an organization. At a staffing agency, they can be responsible for hiring recruiters and keeping detailed employee records. They can also be tasked with benefits administration and ensuring the agency remains compliant with hiring practices and more.

A Human Resource Management (HRM) system can help your HR team improve these processes across the board. It can especially help with keeping documents organized and streamlining the employee lifecycle internally.

Benefits of using an HRM

Some of the ways an agency can can benefit from an HRM solution includes:

  • Reduce administrative burden 
  • Streamline employee onboarding (of recruiters) 
  • Enhance internal communications 
  • Improve documentation and security

5. Payroll

Many individuals don’t realize that staffing agencies manage the majority of the paperwork associated with the hiring process. This includes things like contracts, of course, but also payroll tasks and taxes. This is on top of also managing payroll and the benefits administration of internal employees.

Payroll software is essential to help streamline this process while also mitigating human error. There are a variety of staffing software solutions available for payroll processing, and many can automate the process entirely to save your team time and resources.

As a staffing agency, it’s also important to find a payroll solution designed for the staffing industry and that is a fit for your unique needs. For instance, if you specialize in contractors or freelancers rather than full-time employees you need a solution fit for that scenario. Similarly, you should ensure the solution can handle the different federal, state, and local regulations depending on where your business operates.

Benefits of using payroll software

A handful of the benefits of using payroll software as a staffing agency include:

  • Automate the entire payroll process 
  • Ensure employees and recruits are paid accurately and on time 
  • Keep track of legal details i.e. employee classifications 
  • Easily organize payroll taxes

6. Communication Management

Communication is important at any business, but is especially essential for staffing agencies. Not only do internal communications need to be efficient, but also communication with candidates and clients should also always be in sync.

While you can utilize messaging tools, you should also consider a communication management software to help. The right solution can not only help your teams stay connected internally and externally, but also seamlessly organize documents to help keep conversations productive.

Rather than rely on paper documents and notes, lean on tools that can keep the digital documents you need on hand for every meeting. This is especially beneficial for recruiters who may be having dozens of conversations a day with different clients and candidates. The right tools can ensure every meeting is an effective one.

Benefits of using communications management software

Having communications management software on hand can help your agency:

  • Improve communications with internal and external stakeholders 
  • Have more efficient and effective meetings 
  • Connect with employees and candidates across the country 
  • Organize documents

7. Time Tracking

And last but not least, time tracking software for staffing agencies is a must. In general, time tracking solutions help organizations monitor employee productivity and even help with payroll by accurately tracking hours and overtime worked. In the long-run, this ensures businesses are paying their employees fairly without overpaying them and losing money or underpaying them and incurring penalties.

Time tracking for staffing agencies can be beneficial for both internal and external use. Internally, the right cloud-based solution can help track productivity of your recruiters no matter where they reside. This can help your agency optimize staffing while streamlining payroll.

Externally, this solution can also be used to track the time of candidates. Your team can ensure your hires are being productive and adding value to the organizations that need them the most. This is the best way to keep track of your workforce even if they’re spread across multiple locations.

Benefits of using time tracking software

Here are just a few of the benefits of using time tracking software at an agency:

  • Control overtime costs 
  • Improve employee productivity 
  • Optimize your workforce and resources 
  • Eliminate employee time theft

Lathem Time Tracking for Staffing Agencies

PayClock Online is web-based time clock software so you have the ability to manage employee time and attendance from any location and at any time. While this is helpful for every business, it’s especially beneficial for staffing agencies working with teams spread across the country.

When you need time tracking software for your staffing agency Lathem has you covered. Get a quote today.