PayClock Online Enterprise Case Study:
TanMar Companies



Multi-location company within the oil and gas industry eliminates employee buddy punching, overtime reporting errors, and significantly reduces administrative time to process employee payroll.

TanMar Companies, LLC, established in 2007, rents equipment and provides services to the oil and gas industry. Having operations in Texas, Oklahoma, Louisiana, and New Mexico, TanMar has quickly grown as one of the largest and most respected service providers in all three divisions of their expertise: Rentals, Water Transfer, and Communications.




Solution Profile:

  • Lathem Products: 

    PayClock Online, FaceIN biometric face recognition employee time clock

  • Employees:

    300 using employee time clocks

  • Locations: 

    13 locations with Lathem FaceIN time clocks.




TanMar was using desktop-based software that provided limited functionality to manage employee time and attendance. The software was housed on a company server and administrators from different divisions would log in to administer payroll. Since the company could not restrict access, any administrator had access to any employees’ time and attendance records. This became a challenge when the company learned that some employee time cards were being manipulated and employees were receiving overtime pay for shifts that they weren't working.



The Solution FaceIN face recognition biometric employee time clock


When TanMar implemented Lathem's PayClock Online with FaceIN employee time clocks, they were able to fix these challenges and restrict administrative access to only those managers that were in charge of their divisions. TanMar installed a total of 14 Lathem FaceIN face recognition time clocks, set up in different locations throughout the country. Employees -- from receptionists to housekeeping to construction workers and service technicians – use the system to clock in and out.

Lathem’s FaceIN biometric employee time clocks solve the buddy punching problem because it analyzes 60 points that are unique on each person’s face when they first register with the system. The next time each employee clocks in, FaceIN reads these data points and knows it’s them. Hats, sunglasses and even identical twins can’t fool the system, eliminating the ability for buddy punching.







"We were having a problem with employees punching in for other employees

and some administrators would manipulate time cards giving people overtime they didn’t work.

PayClock Online and Lathem FaceIN time clocks solve that problem.

Now we can see when employees logged in and whether a punch was added or deleted."


Josh Foreman
Assistant IT Manager




PayClock Online employee time clock system makes it simple for TanMar to manage employees from multiple office locations. The PayClock Online software connected with Lathem's face recognition biometric time clock eliminates buddy punching, improves administrative control and saves TanMar money by reducing incorrectly reported overtime hours. Lathem’s detailed time and attendance reports also cut down on the buddy punching issue, especially PayClock Online's Audit Report.

TanMar is also able now to significantly reduce the time it takes to process employee hours for payroll. With PayClock Online, processing payroll takes only one administrator about an hour - a beneficial change to a process which, in the past, required two administrators working two days to get the job done.

TanMar's Assitant IT Manager Josh Foreman has been pleased with PayClock Online, he’s recommended it to several other companies, including a doctor’s office, where he helped set up the system.


"Lathem's PayClock Online is a great system.

I would highly recommend it."

Josh Foreman
Assistant IT Manager
TanMar Companies, LLC