Case Study:
Construction Resources



Large provider in the home remodeling industry uses PayClock Online to manage employee time and control labor costs.

CR Home, the Construction Resources, Inc. Design Center offers consumers, designers, builders and remodelers a one-stop resource for kitchens, baths and any room of the home. Based in Decatur, Ga., in addition to supplying products, CR Home includes staff designers, fabricators, installers and project managers. Founded in 1970 as a family-owned business, Construction Resources later merged with Building Specialties, Inc., and today comprises 12 companies in the home remodeling industry with more than 700 employees.


Solution Profile:

  • Lathem Products: 

    PayClock Online, PayClock mobile app, CloudTouch fingerprint reader, FaceIN face recognition biometric time clocks

  • Employees:

    735: 521 hourly, 214 salaried

  • Locations: 

    12 locations - Georgia, South Carolina, Florida and Alabama



Managing time and attendance for Construction Resources' employees within 12 different companies was challenging. The various companies previously used a mix of automated and manual time and attendance solutions. The disparity of these solutions caused inefficiencies that were time consuming and costly. As a result Construction Resources' payroll manager Jacque Wilson couldn’t easily integrate employee worked time data for processing payroll. Construction Resources was not able to set up different  employee pay codes with the old employee time tracking systems. Managers had no daily access to employee time data to effectively manage and avoid unnecessary overtime. Their former employee time and attendance system vendor was lacking in providing quality customer support. Construction Resources needed to manage field-based employees in different states and the existing vendor did not have a mobile app solution for remote workers. Mrs. Wilson needed a system that would enable her to manage different pay codes, worked time, overtime, benefit time, as well as a mobile workforce.  



The Solution Benefits of PayClock Online

Construction Resources has a large team of employees with different pay rates, worked time and overtime. CR Home needed a system that would manage different pay codes, worked time, overtime, benefit time, as well as a mobile workforce. The company turned to Lathem's PayClock Online. The PayClock Online system for enterprise workforce management centralizes employee time and attendance to increase productivity, control labor costs, and maintain compliance. 

Mrs. Wilson worked closely with the Lathem customer service team to build a consistent, enterprise-wide integrated solution that suited her needs. Now Construction Resources uses more than 20 Lathem time clocks throughout the company’s different locations, including Georgia, South Carolina, Florida and Alabama. The clocks range from CloudTouch, Lathem’s newest time clock that uses a fingerprint reader, to its FaceIN face recognition clocks that seamlessly integrate with cloud-based PayClock Online.  

The cloud-based functionality of PayClock Online means that when an employee clocks in from the South Carolina office, Wilson can see it immediately on her phone, tablet or PC in Georgia. She can view employee worked time, pull reports, approve time off, and process payroll at her convenience. With PayClock Online, she’s confident she can complete payroll on time.  



"I love the ease of PayClock Online, the fact that it’s user friendly is great.

We process payroll weekly and PayClock Online now saves me more than four hours every week"

Jacque Wilson
Payroll Manager



PayClock Online

PayClock Online has many advantages for enterprise companies, including a consistent, reliable cloud-based employee time and attendance solution. The automated employee time and attendance system eliminates human error, reducing administration time and creating efficiencies. PayClock Online's easy payroll integration with payroll software makes payroll processing painless and easy. Companies can use PayClock Online with or without time clocks. Lathem’s time clocks provide the latest biometric capabilities, from fingerprint readers to face recognition and the included PayClock smartphone app offers mobile capabilities for field-based workers.


  • Efficiencies created with one automated employee time and attendance solution across the enterprise.
  • Anytime, anywhere access to employee time records for managers and supervisors.
  • Employees can check their timecards at the time clock and on mobile devices, increasing satisfaction.
  • Mobile functionality for field-based employees.
  • Integration with popular payroll solutions.
  • Dependable customer support, future product upgrades included, secure backup of data in the cloud.


Easily track mobile employees



Many of Construction Resources’ services require employees to be on the go all day, every day. Consultants, installers and delivery drivers need a solution to record their time remotely, without having to go into an office. Lathem’s mobile punch clock and time card app is designed for employees and supervisors. Employees log their hours while working remotely, and view their timecard information within the app. Because it’s cloud-based, all information is updated in real-time, which means managers can immediately view all workers’ hours as soon as they clock in and out. The GPS tracking feature enables Wilson to verify that remote workers are where they should be. 


Customer service there when you need it


Lathem customized the solution for Construction Resources based on their managers’ needs and the employees’ different pay code classifications. Custom programming made the implementation process much more efficient. The Lathem customer service team guided Mrs. Wilson through the entire implementation process, from determining the best time clocks to setting up the system for their individualized needs prior to launch.


"I needed a dependable customer service team, and I found that in Lathem.

They take care of any issues before they become major problems."

Jacque Wilson
Payroll Manager