Case Study:

PayClock Desktop upgrade to PayClock Online


Fashion Retailer Easily Transitions from Desktop to Cloud-based Employee Time and Attendance with PayClock Online.

Barbara Jean is a women’s clothing boutique in Little Rock, Arkansas. Since opening its doors 45 years ago, Barbara/Jean stylists have been bringing customers the latest in trend pieces with friendly and professional service. For 10 years, Barbara/Jean had been using Lathem’s PayClock desktop software to manage employee time and attendance. The company switched to Lathem's PayClock Online cloud-based solution and reduced payroll processing time by as much as 30 percent.




Solution Profile:

  • Lathem Products: 

    PayClock Online CloudTouch Biometric Fingerprint Reader employee time clock

  • Employees:

    20 using Lathem employee time clock

  • Retail Type: 

    Women’s clothing and accessories



The desktop computer that housed the company’s time and attendance data was outdated and failing, causing time and attendance functionality to slow. The financial manager was tied to one computer for accessing and processing all time and attendance records. Once the company was ready to upgrade to the cloud, it was on a time crunch to make the transition.



The Solution

Lathem PayClock Online time clock software all-inclusive suport

The Barbara/Jean company needed an employee time and attendance solution that wasn’t limited to one desktop PC to manage it all. Barbara / Jean Financial Manager Rachel Daugherty talked with Lathem’s team and she was excited to learn about PayClock Online, Lathem's cloud-based employee time and attendance software and the new CloudTouch biometric fingerprint and badge reader employee time clock.

With PayClock Online, Daugherty can access employee time and attendance records anytime, anywhere. While currently she administers payroll from her own desk, the PayClock Online allows her to perform payroll functions at home or while traveling and the time savings is significant. Employees enjoy the CloudTouch time clock, too, as it’s easy for them to clock in and out using the fingerprint reader.

The process to upgrade from their current Lathem PayClock desktop software to PayClock Online was simple and quick, and Lathem’s tech support walked her through it all the way. Lathem customer support helped to easily migrate Barbara / Jean's existing employee data to PayClock Online, so Daugherty was able to set up the new employee time clock system by lunchtime.






"We were able to easily transfer our data to the new system

and get up and running in one day.

For anyone looking to upgrade to PayClock Online,

they should definitely consider making the switch. It’s so easy."


Rachel Griffin Daugherty
Financial Manager




             CloudTouch Biometric Fingerprint Reader time clock



PayClock Online provides many benefits to small retailers like Barbara Jean, including real-time access to employee time and attendance records, easy set up and time savings by eliminating manual input.

Through a WiFi connection, the Lathem CloudTouch employee time clock instantly transmits employee punches to PayClock Online, so Daugherty has access to the most updated employee time and attendance records for worked time, overtime and benefit time, without worrying about software to install or update. The time savings she experiences is significant: she has gained back 30 percent of her time with PayClock Online, freeing her up to focus on other finance and HR matters that are critical to running a retail store.


"You don’t have to worry about computer crashes and losing data.

I can go to any computer, anytime, and pull all the information.

I can even do it if I work from home. It’s accessible from anywhere."

Rachel Griffin Daugherty
Barbara / Jean, Ltd.