Lathem's Face Recognition Time Clocks See Uptick in Sales During COVID-19

Face Recognition and Covid-19

May 20, 2020

Food processors, farms, medical offices, and plant nurseries are among small businesses turning to face recognition employee time clocks for contactless clocking in and out during COVID-19.

Lathem’s FaceIN face recognition time clocks for employee time and attendance are experiencing an uptick in sales – 5:1 over Lathem’s fingerprint clocks - as employers seek contactless solutions for essential employees on the job and others returning to work.

FaceIN joins other contactless business solutions like payment systems, temperature readings, and plexiglass shields, in addition to masks, gloves and social distancing in the “new normal.”

“FaceIN face recognition provides a hygienic, touchless solution for employee time and attendance, a crucial aspect of keeping employees safe and businesses running,” said Lance Whipple, vice president, Sales & Marketing, Lathem. “As businesses reopen, they are looking for ways to protect the health and safety of their workers, and FaceIn allows them to do that.”

FaceIN provides a hygienic, touchless solution, allowing employees to look and go as they clock in in seconds. Once an employee’s face is registered, FaceIN identifies 64 unique points on a person’s face and stores the information as data, instead of a photo. The FaceIN time clock system validates the employee’s face and records the employee’s time punch.

Ocean Beauty Seafoods, a salmon processor in Seattle, Wash., purchased 40 FaceIN clocks for their five Alaska seafood processing locations, which employ 200-300 workers per locaton. They originally purchased the the clocks to reduce buddy punching, when employees clock in and out for each other – a labor problem that costs companies tens of thousands of dollars. But they also realized the contactless benefits.

“The workers weren’t on set shifts, so we had some challenges with buddy punching, “ said John Martin, IT Operations manager. “Now we can see who’s clocked in and can keep better track of employee time and attendance, plus the touchless aspect is a benefit.”

Other small businesses like plant nurseries are also seeing the benefits of face recognition.

“This is the third week I did payroll using facial recognition,” said Beth Blankenship of Blankenship Farms and Nursery of McMinnville, Tenn. “We went ‘live’ this week not having the employees use time sheets and a manual clock. Our two- to three-hour payroll process is now a 30-minute maximum with no errors. It is going to free up my Fridays for more important activities.”

Workplace friendly, the FaceIN biometric time clock system is contactless alternative to conventional fingerprint, iris scan and hand reader time clocks. Unlike other biometric systems, FaceIN verifies an employee's face without the need to touch the time clock thus helping to reduce exposure and spreading of germs in the workplace.

FaceIN works with Lathem’s cloud-based employee time and attendance solution, PayClock Online, which offers anytime, anywhere access to employee time and attendance records and a variety of ways to clock in, including mobile. PayClock Online also integrates with popular payroll systems such as Quickbooks, Paychex and ADP.

Big Savings

Lathem is offering big savings on the model CT74 face recognition time clock with PayClock Online employee time & attendance software, making it easy for businesses to upgrade from older employee time tracking methods. 

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