Lathem Announces the LT5000, the First and Only Electronic Document Stamp with Single Insertion Two-Line Patented Printing


February 9, 2017

The LT5000 is designed for organizations where records are kept and document control is required, including courthouses and other government agencies, medical offices, banks, and schools and universities, among many other industries. Users only need to insert a document once to quickly print two lines of user-generated messages and customized numbering, date, time and more. Organizations create two-line custom printing formats using Lathem’s free online account. The print formats and custom text messages are configured within the online account and easily programmed into the LT500 using a standard USB thumb drive, eliminating complex button setup.

“The LT5000 is the only electronic stamp to deliver two-line printing with a single insertion, which saves companies time and errors,” said Lance Whipple, VP Sales & Marketing at Lathem. “Users can completely customize the stamp to ensure the most important codes, time and date format, and messaging appears cleanly on every stamp.”

The LT5000 can function as a document stamp, time clock and numbering machine. Thirty standard print formats let organizations customize date and time print sets. The LT5000 can store four different print sets and four custom texts at one time and these can be accessed by pressing quick access keys for easy document printing. A paper guide and LED light ensure proper paper positioning. A locking body secures a USB data port and prohibits settings from being altered and after-hours fraud.

The LT5000 has an internal battery backup that holds settings during a loss of power, eliminating the need to reset the clock after a loss of power, and SmartClock™ technology automatically adjusts for days of the month, daylight savings and leap days.

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