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American Outfitters Ltd. Upgrades to Cloud-based PayClock® Online to Easily Manage Employee Time and Attendance

American Outfitters Ltd. Upgrades to Cloud-based PayClock® Online to Easily Manage Employee Time and Attendance

March 04, 2016

American Outfitters Ltd., a Waukegan, Ill.-based retail screen printing company, is finding employee time and attendance a breeze with Lathem’s cloud-based time and attendance system, PayClock® Online. The company, which employs 70 people and is ranked as one of the nation's Top 100 Screen Printers, has been a Lathem customer for more than 15 years.

Office Manager Ruth Rettig says Lathem’s PayClock Online combined with Lathem’s FaceIN® time clock is by far the easiest time clock she has used. Rettig manages graphic artists, screen printers, marketers, embroiderers, shippers and receivers, and IT specialists.

Before PayClock Online, Rettig would receive emails throughout the day from her field-based sales team, asking her to clock them in and out. These requests were wasting time and creating inefficiencies, as she also received frequent queries to check employees’ time and fix errors. She now lets her sales team use their smart phones and tablets to clock in and out through PayClock Online. This means she can now quickly check in on all her employees’ time entries once a day, at her convenience, and not get sidetracked with superfluous requests.

The 70 employees clock in with Lathem’s FaceIN, which integrates seamlessly with PayClock Online, so Rettig sees all time entries in real-time. A face recognition biometric time clock, FaceIN replaces fingerprint, iris scan and hand readers with a more hygienic and easy-to-use solution. It verifies an employee’s face in seconds, and eliminates buddy punching, when employees clock in for each other.

“Before PayClock Online, I was the only person in the company that could use the time and attendance system,” said Rettig. “Everything was hooked to my desktop computer, so I had to be at work to access or process anything. When everything’s available like it is with PayClock Online, it cuts down on my time, is simpler to use, and easier to access anytime, anywhere. I love that part!”

Rettig can now spend more time on bookkeeping, managing employees, and improving the business, rather than clocking employees in and out, fixing time cards and spending excessive time processing payroll. PayClock Online makes it so easy to edit and run reports, and export them to payroll solutions like QuickBooks®,Paychex® and ADP®.

Everything’s backed up for you, so I don’t have to worry about losing data,” Rettig said. “That’s a life-saver.”