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Top 7 Reasons Why Healthcare Providers Prefer a Cloud-based Employee Time & Attendance Solution


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"PayClock Online’s biggest benefit for doctors and nurse practitioners is that they don’t have to get involved reviewing and approving time cards anymore. It is easy for the managers and employees to manage it themselves."

Chris Patterson
IT Manager
Florida Heart & Vascular Associates


"PayClock Online easily interfaces with QuickBooks. We love the new CT74 face recognition time clock, it’s very user friendly." - Read More

Trenton Blanchette
Head of Accounting and HR
B&R Dental Laboratory


"PayClock is simple to use and affordable. Our employee hours are easily uploaded to QuickBooks and automatically mapped to various payroll categories." - Read More

Amy King
Office Administrator
Nebraska Hematology Oncology


"The PayClock Online system has made things so much easier. I’d say it cut my employee payroll processing time by 60 percent! Now I don’t have to wait at the office until reports are done, so I get to spend more time with my family." - Read More

Dr. Dave Rouse
Rouse Family Eye Care


"We were happy with Lathem, so when it was time to replace our time clock, we chose an online system I could use to complete payroll away from my desk, whether I was on vacation or out of the office." - Read More

Angela Powell
Practice Manager
Cornerstone Pediatrics


"PayClock Online works very well for everyone. It makes it very easy to manage employees in a satellite office. Employees like it because they can see their own time, print it out if they want, and compare it to their paycheck at the end of each pay period." - Read More

Jason Dudley
Practice Manager
Pediatric and Adolescent Dentistry