Support Plans

Annual support agreement give you the ultimate in convenience, productivity and peace of mind.

Annual Support Agreements

Annual Support Agreements (ASA's) are available for purchase for automated time clocks using Lathem's PayClock Desktop software. You can choose from a variety of time clock service plans or the purchase of a time clock extended warranty to meet your support needs. With an Annual Support Agreement, you don't have to keep track of the minutes you have used for support calls and you can contact us for help whenever you have a question. Additional benefits include:

  • You have unlimited access* to highly trained Technical Support Specialists for 12 months, with no limits on minutes or incidents!
    (*without an Annual Support Agreement, if you make just one support call a month, each month, you could spend over $500 annually at current pay-per-call rates.)

  • Annual Support Plan member calls are handled in a priority queue for faster service.

  • There is no charge for software upgrades and updates during the support period.

Features & Benefits of an Annual Support Agreement


Free Updates

You'll have access to the latest versions of you software whenever they become available. These version upgrades are normally chargeable items which you will receive free while under the support plan.

Free Support

You'll have unlimited access to a trained factory support representative via our toll-free telephone support number. If you are not covered by the support plan, these calls can be billed on a per incident basis for out of warranty instances.

Free Replacement

If your time clock goes down, you can rest assured knowing that with a simple phone call an exchange unit will be sent you within two business days. This no-hassle exchange eliminates the time needed to send in your unit for estimates and repairs.

Extended Warranty

The support plan will feature a time clock extended warranty. While under the time clock extended warranty, your time clocks will be covered for free parts and labor to repair defects in materials or workmanship.

Time and Attendance System Support Plans (for Desktop Software and Hardware)

PC600 System

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FR650 System

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FR700 System

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Time Clock Support Plans (Hardware)

Model 800P

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Model 1500E

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2100 Series

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4000 Series

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Model 5000EP

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Model 7500E

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