100E Electronic Time Clock & Document Stamp

Multi-Function Time Clock and Document Stamp

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The 100E can function as a time clock to record employee worked time as well as a document stamp. It delivers all the flexibility you need for custom printing time cards and document stamps including 18 preset print formats, 13 different preset messages, and four different languages to choose from. The date, time, and format can be customized as needed, too.  When using the 100E for stamping documents select from a variety of Month, Date and Year format options along with preset messages such as: RCVD, SENT, IN, OUT, CFMD, FILED, PAID, USED, FAXED, VOID, ORIGN, APR’D, CMPL’D.  You can print 2 or 4 digit years. and print time in AM/PM or 24HR formats.

SmartClock Technology

SmartClock™ technology with perpetual calendar retains time, date and settings during power outages, and auto-adjusts for Daylight Saving Time and Leap Years.

Versatility in a Small Size

The 100E is a versatile machine that can make use of standard timecards or job cards. It can also print on plain paper. For offices that do not have a lot of space, the 100E’s small footprint allows it to be placed in an area where it can easily be accessed without taking up too much room. It can be mounted to a wall or to the top of a desk or table. 

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  • Automatic printing for simple, one-hand operation
  • 18 preset print formats and 13 preset message options
  • Offers AM/PM or 24 hour format
  • Minutes can be printed as standard minutes or as hundredths of an hour 
  • SmartClock technology keeps the date, time, and selected settings, even after a power outage.
  • Automatically adjusts for Daylight Savings Time and for leap years
  • Format year to print either only the last two digits or all four digits
  • Printed lines can be aligned to the left or the right
  • Five-year memory backup
  • The LCD display shows date, time, and the day of the week
  • Can print in English, French, Spanish, and Portuguese.
  • Small design can easily be mounted to a wall or desk. 
  • Choose from 18 preset print formats.  
  • Choose from 13 preset messages: RCVD, SENT, IN, OUT, CFMD, FILED, PAID, USED, FAXED, VOID, ORIGN, APR’D, CMPL’D.
  • Print 2 or 4 digit years.
  • Print time in AM/PM or 24HR format.
  • Choose regular minutes, 1/10 or 1/100 of an hour. 
  • Selectable print direction for left or right- hand printing. 
  • Selectable English, French, Spanish or Portuguese language for printing. 
  • Use standard time cards or job cards. 
  • Enable or disable printing of leading zeros. 
  • Crisp and clear printing on paper or time cards. 
  • Compact design with small footprint.
  • Mounts easily to wall or desktop.
  • 1 year warranty. 
  • Prints time, date and messages. 
  • Easy to change ribbon cartridge. 
  • Large LCD display shows date, time and day of the week. 
  • Adjustable margin setting for precise print alignment.
  • 5 Year memory backup.
5 / 5
Works oh so well. We replaced our old one from the 70's and this is nice and small and works great. Perfect new timeclock.
5 / 5
I'm in the auto repair business and we have to use time clocks for the flags. This is perfect!! Easy to use and a great update to the old hand punch one.
5 / 5
Solid product. Does the job.

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