Face Recognition Employee Time Clock
Case Study: Ocean Beauty



Food processor enables touch-free contactless employee time and attendance for worker safety due to COVID-19.

Ocean Beauty Seafoods in Seattle, Wash., is a 110-year-old seafood processor and distributor, and one of the largest primary processors of wild Alaskan salmon. With its seven processing plants, they offer a variety of fresh and seafood products for their customers.


Solution Profile:

  • Lathem Products: 

    40 - FaceIN face recognition employee time clocks. PayClock employee time & attendance software

  • Employees:


  • Locations: 

    5 processing plant locations



Ocean Beauty Seafoods did not have a reliable way to track employees working at its five seafood processing plants in Alaska since those employees did not work set shifts. The company had a challenge with buddy punching for approximately 1,000-1,500 workers – 200-300 at each plant - and needed a way to see who was clocking in and out. They also needed a touch-free, contactless solution for worker safety, especially due to COVID-19.



The Solution Benefits of PayClock Online

The company purchased 40 FaceIN face recognition clocks across each of its five locations, which they placed six feet apart for social distancing. FaceIN time clocks replace conventional fingerprint, iris scan and head readers to eliminate buddy punching and provide a more hygienic and reliable solution that other biometric time clocks. FaceIN verifies an employee’s face in seconds, eliminating the need for time cards, badges, keys or pin numbers, providing a contactless employee time and attendance solution.



"Lathem's face recognition clocks allow us to see who's clocked in and out.

in addition to providing hygiene benefits "

John Martin
IT Operations Manager




Face Recognition Time Clocks & PayClock Online

PayClock Online cloud-based employee time and attendance system has many advantages for businesses of any size, including eliminating human error in time card payroll processing, reducing administration time and creating efficiencies. PayClock Online's integration with payroll software makes payroll processing quick and easy. Companies can use PayClock Online with Lathem’s biometric and badge swipe employee time clocks and with the free PayClock smartphone app that provides mobile capabilities for remote workers.


  • Efficiencies created with one automated employee time and attendance solution across the enterprise.
  • Anytime, anywhere access to employee time records for managers and supervisors.
  • Employees can check their timecards at the time clock and on mobile devices, increasing satisfaction.
  • Mobile functionality for field-based employees.
  • Integration with popular payroll solutions.
  • Dependable customer support, future product upgrades included, secure backup of data in the cloud.


Protecting Employees



In a letter, dated March 23, 2020, Mark Palmer, president and CEO, provided a COVID-19 update, advising of actions the company was taking to ensure the safety of its employees during the pandemic. In addition to FaceIN contactless employee time and attendance, the company enhanced sanitation, increased visitor restrictions, enforced work from home policies for sick employees, encouraged telecommuting and videoconferencing, frequent handwashing, social distancing, no-contact greetings, and restricting large gatherings and travel.