Case Study:
KANN Enterprises



Logistics company Kann Enterprises controls labor costs and reduces administrative time by 50 percent in processing employee worked time for payroll.

Founded in 1988 by Douglas Snode, KANN Enterprises Inc. began as a trailer-loading company for Bridgestone Tire. After years of steady growth, the company has become a much larger and successful family-operated business providing staffing, management, logistics and consulting services for warehouses throughout the U.S.  Kann specializes in with all aspects of warehousing labor for distribution and cross dock facilities. Their implementation team is committed to successfully launching partnerships and invested in finding the ideal candidates for warehousing workforce solutions.


Solution Profile:

  • Lathem Products: 

    PayClock Online, Payclock mobile app, CloudTouch Biometric Fingerprint & Badge Reader employee time clocks

  • Employees:

    465 - hourly

  • Locations: 

    19 locations



  • Paper time cards and manual time entry resulted in errors, inefficiency, and extra time making corrections.
  • Needed a system that could better manage and monitor employee overtime hours.
  • Other employee time clock systems were expensive and lacked ability to manage employees at multiple locations.
  • Required in-depth report information related to employee worked time and pay codes.
  • Looking for employees and clients to have mobile functionality and access on demand to data.



The Solution CloudTouch Fingerprint Reader Badge Scan employee time clocks

KANN’s Kelly Snode wears many hats: in addition to managing employee time and attendance and payroll, she assists with HR and operations, manages company finances and runs the IT department. Successfully managing time and attendance is no easy task for more than 400 KANN employees working in 19 different facilities. Mrs. Snode needed an automated, cloud-based employee time and attendance solution, paired with time clocks, to better manage employees at different locations, as well as the ability to download detailed time and attendance reports. She vetted half a dozen employee time and attendance systems from both large and smaller vendors, before deciding PayClock Online was the right fit for her company.

PayClock Online for enterprise workforce management pairs seamlessly with Lathem’s CloudTouch biometric fingerprint & proximity badge reader and the PayClock mobile app, making it a smart, flexible solution to manage employee time and attendance for a large workforce located in multiple sites. KANN employs material handlers and warehouse staff, including forklift operators, loading associates, onsite managers and administrative workers. Most employees clock in using one of the 20 CloudTouch time clocks spread out at different locations, which allows employees to check their time entry totals and quickly view supervisor messages.



"We were looking for affordable time clocks and software that included more in-depth reports.

PayClock Online was the best solution for us."

Kelly Snode
Kann Enterprises Inc.



Detailed Reports


The employee time management reports included within PayClock Online mean KANN gets it right the first time, significantly reducing mistakes and the time it takes to process employee hours for payroll. The reports are organized into six different categories that display and organize time and attendance information. Kann Enterprises' managers can select specific employees to include for any time period or report. Since employees need to be sorted by customer, PayClock Online makes it easy to group them in that way.  Additionally Lathem created custom reports for KANN, that automatically integrate with the company’s third-party database, and makes payroll processing easier. As a frequent traveler to the company’s multiple work sites, Mrs. Snode can access employee details and pull reports anytime, anywhere, even when she’s out of town



"One of the biggest benefits is the in-depth reports that give us information

on employee detail, hours worked and pay codes."

Kelly Snode



PayClock Online

PayClock Online has many advantages for enterprise companies, including a consistent, reliable cloud-based employee time and attendance solution. Lathem’s clocks provide the latest biometric fingerprint reader capabilities and PayClock Online offers mobile app for field-based workers. Payroll costs are reduced because errors can be fixed in real time, decreasing the hours spent on time and attendance administration. The PayClock Online system prompts KANN and its customers when employees are reaching overtime, reducing administrative time and labor costs. Easy payroll integration with payroll systems makes payroll processing painless and easy. 


"PayClock Online has reduced our administrative time

by 50 percent and payroll costs by 25 percent."

Kelly Snode


  • PayClock Online makes it simple for supervisors to manage employees in multiple locations.
  • Employees can view their worked time, overtime, benefit time and PTO records without supervisor assistance.
  • In-depth reports organized into six groups: payroll, attendance, list, schedule, management and admin.
  • Mobile functionality for field-based employees.
  • Reduces administrative time by 50 percent.

A surprising benefit is how KANN uses PayClock Online with customers. As a staffing company, KANN allows customers to view when employees are working on their jobs, granting access with a special code that lets them view hours without making any changes.

“When customers receive their bill for work completed, there are no surprises,” Snode said. “They can compare the hourly breakdowns and review each report in as much or as little detail as they choose. This open communication has been a big asset to customer service and building customer relationships."


Easily track mobile employees



KANN also uses the PayClock Online Mobile App for employees, managers and even customers. Floater employees, who move from building to building, are empowered with the PayClock Online app. They can easily clock in on mobile phones, regardless of what building they are working in, eliminating the need for managers to set them up within multiple time clocks. The app makes it easy to track of workers who move between different work sites, since those employees can simply clock in and out on their smartphones, and supervisors can see those entries immediately, regardless of their own location.The GPS tracking feature verifies that remote workers are where they should be and everything is updated in real-time, so there’s never a question of who is working at any given moment.





With many advantages for enterprise companies, PayClock Online not only offers a consistent, reliable time and attendance system, but also seamless integration with popular payroll solutions like Paychex. It’s a win-win for managers and employees, and for customers too. With PayClock Online, Kann can spend less time on time and attendance, and more time focusing on business operations and profitability.


"We love that PayClock Online enables us to manage employees

from different locations, we’re not tied to a desktop computer."

Kelly Snode