Employee Time & Attendance System for HVAC Service Companies


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PayClock Online is featured in HVACR Business Magazine  

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Many HVAC businesses are using Lathem's PayClock Online cloud-based employee time and attendance soluions to reduce administrative time, save money, and improve back-office efficiencies. Managers view and manage employee timesheets in real time, monitor overtime, see when and where technicians are clocking in remotely on the job. Employees like the convenience of seeing their worked time, overtime, and benefit time requests available on demand via the Web, without having to ask their supervisors for information.


Case Studies & Testimonials:


"Our service technicians use to fill out paper sheets, and I’d have to verify each and every entry. Now with the PayClock Online system, our techs can clock in and out on their phones. The PayClock app uses the smartphone's GPS tracking, so I know when time entries are correct" - Read More

Lisa Peery
AAA-1 Heating & Cooling



"The ease of use of Lathem's fingerprint reader CloudTouch time clock with PayClock Online employee time & attendance system is a sure thing all the way through!" - Read More

Amanda Clontz
Oak Grove Heating & Air



"Before PayClock Online, someone would need to physically bring timesheets to our office once a week. Now we can access reports online in real time and employees can access their own time records, which frees me up to do other business tasks"

Christopher Edwards
MID-FLA Heating & Air