Case Study:
Holiday Pet Hotel

PayClock Desktop upgrade to PayClock Online


Pet Daycare Moves to the Cloud for Employee Time and Attendance.

Holiday Pet Hotel is a pet boarding and daycare facility in Encinitas, Calif. Like most small businesses, it views keeping track of employee time and attendance as one of the most important factors in profitability. So, when the company moved its employee time tracking solution from the desktop to the cloud, it was able to track employee hours more easily, saving time and administrative headaches – a doggone good solution!




Solution Profile:

  • Lathem Products: 

    PayClock Online and PC600 touchscreen, proximity badge swipe employee time clock

  • Employees:


  • Retail Type: 

    Pet boarding business



Running a small business is no easy feat. Not only do you need to keep customers happy, but you also must make sure you have the right staff and they’re tracking their time properly. This includes worked time, overtime, paid time off and benefit time. That goes for Holiday Pet Hotel, a popular pet boarding and daycare facility in southern California, 25 miles north of San Diego.

Recently, the company experienced a computer crash and lost all its data, including employee time sheets and important information like overtime, paid time off and benefit information. Doris Rodriguez, who handles payroll and other HR matters, knew she needed a new solution. As luck would have it, right before the crash, she received a promotional email from Lathem about PayClock Online, its cloud-based employee time and attendance solution – the timing couldn’t have been better!



The Solution

PayClock Online time clock software and PC600 employee time clock

Doris was able to use PayClock Online with the company’s existing Lathem time clock, the PC600 proximity badge reader. Lathem’s support team easily migrated existing time and attendance records and employee information to PayClock Online. It was so seamless, she said, there was no learning curve.

Moving from the desktop software to PayClock Online was as easy as 1-2-3. The set up was a snap, and employee time tracking in the cloud meant Doris could do payroll anytime, anywhere. She could even download payroll reports at her convenience. This came in handy one time when she was on vacation – she processed payroll remotely – and another time when she got sick and completed payroll from home.





"The PayClock Online software was very easy to set up.

I called into Lathem and someone walked me right through it.

It took less than two hours and we were up and running."

Doris Rodriquez





PayClock Online software integrates with popular payroll providers like Paychex, which Holiday Pet Hotel uses for payroll, increasing productivity and saving time. With PayClock Online, Rodriguez processes payroll in a short time, downloading in-depth management reports for payroll, attendance, schedules, management and other administrative reports

Rodriguez said she finds the PayClock Online reporting feature helpful to track worked time and overtime. With PayClock Online, she can spend less time on employee time and attendance, and more time focusing on the needs of the staff and customers.


"PayClock Online saves you time.

I like that I can see who’s on the job, who’s not,

and go in and make changes to the timesheets if I need to.

I don’t have to sit at a designated computer anymore; I can do payroll anywhere."

Doris Rodriquez