PayClock Online Enterprise Case Study:
Hackbarth Delivery Service



Delivery Company Eliminates Paper Time Cards with PayClock Online Cloud-based Employee Time and Attendance System, Saving Time and Money.

Hackbarth Delivery Service of Mobile, Ala., has been in business for more than 40 years, delivering 70,000 packages a day to businesses and consumers, from life-saving medicines to home appliances. With 43 locations across 10 states, the company has a fast-paced environment that requires accurate and dependable employee time and attendance solutions.





Solution Profile:

  • Lathem Products: 

    PayClock Online, 25 - CloudTouch CT72 Fingerprint & Proximity Badge Reader Time Clocks

  • Employees:

    150-200 employees using PayClock Online employee time & attendance system

  • Locations: 

    43 locations across 10 States



Sean Sweet had it with paper time cards. As the company’s service center director in charge of the 24/7 call center, Sweet had to keep track of employees’ hours on paper time cards and Excel spreadsheets. To make matters more frustrating, sometimes employees would forget to record their hours and tried to backfill them the following day, relying on their memory for hours worked, lunches and breaks. This meant inaccurate time and attendance records, and the possibility of unknowingly overpaying labor costs.



The Solution CloudTouch CT72 PayClock Online time clock

A few years ago, when he had to do an employee pay forecasting report using these paper time cards to extract information, Sweet decided to seek a better, more efficient solution. A visit to a local big box store resulted in his purchase of Lathem’s PC600 time clock with PayClock Online software. He was ecstatic. He no longer had to use paper time cards and Excel spreadsheets to administer employee time and attendance, which was tedious and time-consuming. The call center employees no longer had to track their time on paper. They could now “punch in” with a proximity badge.

After a few weeks, it was clear the cost of the Lathem time clock system paid for itself. Hackbarth decided to purchase additional Lathem time clocks to use with their PayClock Online system and chose the model CT72 CloudTouch time clock. The CT72 clocks enable employees to clock in with their fingerprint, a badge or key fob, and Sweet said using the badge is the perfect solution for what his company needs.

Sweet said he likes PayClock Online system's many features, including scheduling, viewing in/out status and pay rates, and reporting that has helped him and the company save time and money. Today, he can easily view employee hours worked, benefit time, overtime and other data on his phone or computer anytime, anywhere. He can run reports easily and efficiently, without having to extract data from paper time cards or manually figuring out time to the fraction of a minute.





"PayClock Online has made our hourly pay much more accurate on a large scale.

There are a ton of features like schedules, pay rates, reporting, and a mobile app.

It saved us money to switch to Lathem"

Sean Sweet
Hackbarth Delivery Service





For Sweet, the benefits of Lathem’s solution are accurate, efficient and dependable employee time and attendance tracking and management. As a result of his success, the company turned to him when it was looking for a company-wide solution. Today, the company has 25 CT72 time clocks that integrate with Lathem’s PayClock Online cloud-based employee time and attendance solution. It keeps employees honest and it’s effortless –as workers now clock in with a proximity badge rather than tracking their hours with paper time cards. Managers and employees no longer have to backfill the day and figure out the hours they worked. Sweet can easily view employee hours worked, benefit time, overtime and other data on his phone or computer anytime, anywhere. There are a ton of features like schedules, pay rates, reporting, and a mobile app. He also gives a thumbs up to Lathem’s tech support.


"Lathem’s knowledgeable customer service department

was very helpful when migrating to the PayClock Online system

They were able to quickly walk me through a couple of small speedbumps"

Sean Sweet
Call Center Director