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Touch free employee Face Recognition Time Clock System
PayClock and Face Recognition Employee Time Clock

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You rely on your workforce. You want to keep everybody healthy and safe by reducing their exposures and risks as much as possible.

There are critical ways to make sure they feel safe coming to work. Workplace distancing; staggering start and break times; ensuring employees have personal protection equipment (PPE) and sanitizing workspaces. Is that enough? Did you know that employees touching and punching a time clock throughout the workday can result in an unhealthy spreading of germs between the workforce? You can eliminate high-touch contact and create a healthy, safe work environment with FaceIN –the touch free, hygienic, face recognition employee time clock system.

Get the latest technology in biometric face recognition employee time clock with PayClock Online time clock software. Manager and employee PayClock mobile apps for both Android and iPhone smartphones included for free. You get anywhere, anytime access to PayClock Online from web-enabled devices such as laptops, tablets, and PC's!

PayClock Online easily integrates with all popular payroll and HR systems!

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Hear what different businesses have to say:

Blankenship Farm & Nursery logo


"I realized employees were touching time cards and then I was handling all of them. The FaceIN time clock system is touchless so keeps us from spreading germs" - Read More

Beth Blankenship
Blankenship Farms and Nursery


H and H Concrete On Demand logo


"With FaceIN there’s no touching a clock. Workers walk in front of it and they’re clocked in or out. Another great benefit is that buddy punching went away" - Read More

Candace Self
Safety Operation Director
H and H Concrete On Demand Inc.


Lucky 7 Supermarket logo


"We love the FaceIN face recognition time clock. It’s been a good move for us because with COVID-19, employees can avoid contact" - Read More

Helen Cheng
Lucky 7 Supermarkets


Ocean Beauty Seafoods logo


"Face recognition employee time clocks allow us to see who's clocked in and out in addition to providing hygiene benefits." - Read More

John Martin
IT Operations Manager
Ocean Beauty Seafoods


"We're always worried about the spread of disease so the biometric facial recognition time clock system really worked well for us. We were able to get it at a reasonable price and we value the benefits you get from avoiding buddy punching."

Chris Patterson
IT Manager
Florida Heart & Vascular Associates