AirTime Wireless Wall Clocks

The affordable commercial-grade wireless wall clock system that delivers perfectly synchronized and precisely accurate time for facilities of any size

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Why Wireless? Why AirTime?

Wireless means less headaches and expenses. Without wires to run, you don't need to incur the cost of another professional. AirTime® is a state-of-the-art wireless clock system that provides perfectly synchronized time throughout facilities of any size. This means no confusion as to what time it is. AirTime wireless clocks don’t need manual setting. They keep time during power failures and automatically adjust for Daylight Saving Time. More importantly, AirTime® wireless wall clocks are simple to install and very reliable.

What can AirTime® Wireless Wall Clocks do for my business?

AirTime wireless clocks eliminate time disputes, keep meetings on time, and standardize breaks to improve productivity. Simply hang the high quality AirTime wireless clocks on any wall to automatically get perfectly accurate and synchronized time. Continuously synchronized time helps to remove confusion, inaccuracies and excuses in your business and eliminate time wasted maintaining clocks. With AirTime, every clock is accurate to the millisecond. Wireless correction gets rid of the hassles and costs of pre-wiring a facility. And with multiple time sources available (computer, GPS, WWVB) you have complete flexibility for any environment.

How does it work?

The heart of AirTime is a powerful transceiver that provides the time source for all clocks throughout your facility or campus. It broadcasts a signal designed to penetrate commercial building structures and provide accurate and exact time from clock to clock. The AirTime wireless clocks system can also extend from your existing wired system, intercom and bell-ringing system. AirTime wireless clocks receive the wireless time signal from either our ATX or ATX6 Transceiver. The ATX series of AirTime transceivers gives you the option to choose between WWVB radio signal (atomic clock), Ethernet or GPS options as your synchronized exact time source.

AirTime® Analog Wireless Wall Clock

AirTime Analog Wall Clocks have raised the bar. Accuracy, operation, quality and aesthetics all in harmony. Our continuous motion, smooth sweeping second hand means precision and the highest standard of time-keeping.

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AirTime® Solar Powered Wireless Wall Clock

Go wireless and Green! Solar panels located on the front dial of the clock convert the rooms ambient light into power.

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AirTime® Digital Wireless Wall Clock

Increase the visibility of AirTime. Ideal for long corridors or open work spaces as they are easy to read over 100 feet away. Our digital clocks come in four (HH:MM) or six (HH:MM:SS) digit formats.

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ATX MiniTransceiver

ATX Mini-Transceiver delivers extremely accurate NIST standard Atomic time signals to AirTime wireless clocks without requiring an FCC broadcast license.

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ATX6 Transceiver

Powerful 6 watt transmitter of synchronized and precise time signals to AirTime Wireless clocks within commercial environments

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